Phew...what a busy week -- so glad it's Saturday!

On Monday we had Dane's parent/teacher conferences. His teacher told us in no uncertain terms that she thinks he's a "brilliant" (her term) kid. We told her that at kindergarten screening they wanted to hold him back and she was utterly shocked. But everything happens for a reason...had we not been so irritated with that school district we never would have put him into the Montessori school near us last year for kindergarten and he would not be in the outstanding Montessori charter school he is at, now. We absolutely love his school and so does he. I think it's going to help mold him into an amazing, mature, sensitive kid with no fear of independence or creative thought.

As a reward for that stellar report I took Dane to Barnes & Noble to pick out some books. Just in the past month his reading has really taken off. Of course, now we can no longer spell things like C-A-N-D-Y or P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S in an effort to keep things from him. There will be no secrets in Dane's presence.

I felt like I was running around a lot this week, since Dane had half days each day and his school is 30 minutes away. Derek would take him in the mornings on his way to work, then I had to be at Dane's school by 11:15 to pick him up. On Thurs. I picked him up, then later in the afternoon we went back down that way to see a movie with friends.

As for running, I have only gotten one 4 miler in since my half marathon. I had intended to run for an hour yesterday, but had a fall-down-go-boom episode (in the house...just walking and talking on the phone...oops) and banged up my left knee pretty bad. So I decided that running on a fresh hemotoma wasn't such a great idea. Today I plan to do 7 easy miles or so.

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