Dane and I just caught this film yesterday...and it was just as fantastic as the reviewers have said almost unanimously. Fun, charming, and such a cute tongue-in-cheek parody of sorts. It sort of pokes fun at earlier Disney princess films, but in a very sweet sort of way...and still has a fairy-tale ending.

Apparently there is already Oscar buzz surrounding the female lead, Amy Adams--and a nomination would be greatly deserved. The original songs are cute, too, so a nomination for one of those would come as no surprise, either. Susan Sarandon was a fantastic love-to-hate wicked stepmother/queen and James Marsden (aka Cyclops from the X-Men films...I knew he looked familiar, but had no clue it was the same guy until I checked IMDB at home after the show) made for a perfectly charming prince.

And I think I see what all the fuss is about with Patrick Dempsey...wow, he really is dreamy! Hard to believe what an awkward dork he was in all those 80s flicks.

Life's otherwise been fairly uneventful and busy. I finished the bulk of my holiday shopping (can I just say how much I continue to LOVE online shopping?!), now we just need to organize and wrap, get stuff to my sister, etc. This weekend is my brother's graduation...he is receiving his masters in Computer Science. I will be driving and staying for a few days, as will my folks. Then 10 days after his graduation is Christmas, so I will be home for all of a week before turning around and returning to Grant's place for that holiday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for these road trips.

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