Blogworthy (not to be confused with "spongeworthy")

I posted this (in a thread related to strange things we've seen while out on runs) a few days back on my favorite running support site...then got to thinking, "hey, this is definitely worth a blog entry." From this past Friday, 1/25:
Ok, today I saw two "things" only a block or so apart. These things were vehicles in the ditch. Not so strange in Jan., in MI...but the circumstances were.

So I crest a hill and see a small beige car in the ditch. I get closer, start to pass it, then notice there was a woman slumped over in the driver's seat. I get really worried and knock on her passenger side door. She freaks out. Apparently she was just fine...admits that she had been distracted by her GPS *rolling my eyes* and next thing she knew was in the ditch--on the OPPOSITE side of the road (hello, dumbass...and these are the people I share the roadways with). Here's your sign. She said she had already called for a wrecker...then noticed my apparel and said "wow, are you running?" I said yes and she was in awe. I admitted that I have hopes to run a marathon later in the year and want to keep my mileage up all winter. She said "good for you!"

Just before I caught up to her car a police SUV had come up from behind, gone a ways ahead, and then looked like he was going to turn around, but didn't. I had told the lady that I would run on ahead and make sure that the officer knew she was OK and that help was on the way.

As I got closer to the deputy's SUV I noticed that he had gotten it stuck in the ditch while trying to make the turn too wide...here's your sign (WTF, I drive a tiny front-wheel-drive car and don't get stuck, but a tricked out police SUV...?). As I approached the SUV the officer rolled down his window and was cracking up, as was I. I told him that the lady was OK and had help on the way, AND that she had gone into the ditch for looking at her GPS...then showed him my Garmin and we joked about how much safer GPS units are on runner's wrists, rather than on a car dash.

I finished my run with quite a few chuckles as I thought about the weirdness of running in MI after a few good snowfalls.


  1. This is definitely blogworthy, not to be confused with spongeworthy, and cracked me up when I read it originally on the RA thread! I haven't really come across anything all that strange or funny yet on my runs. Booorrrrring. I guess I'll just have to keep running until I do encounter something bizarre... then I can retire! Heh.

  2. OK I finally got a chance to come here!! I just wanted you to know we watched Blazing Saddles on Saturday and I was totally thinking of you.
    I'm so proud of you and the running you are doing K.


  3. Hey, girl! I hope that movie left you with a huge Ana K smile! It never fails to crack me up and turn my mood around.


  4. Rick, maybe you need to move over to the crazy side of MI too see stuff like this.