It's about damned time!

Sheesh, here we are almost 2 weeks into the new year and I've yet to do any blogging...Jan. has thus far been pretty nice and quiet.

I started the year with a "6 mile" (someone messed-up and the course was actually only 5.45--which my Garmin and other people's Garmins agreed upon) race in some nasty, cold, windy, blizzard conditions. It was a great way to start the year off with a sense of accomplishment.

Of course, this also meant not really drinking or overeating the night before, which was a good thing. I ate and drank plenty over Christmas with my family at my brother's place in IL. We spent NYE with some of our JDRF chapter friends, which was really fun and laid-back. Then drove home on some godawful roads that were perfectly clear and wet by the time we hit our county line. Our road crews do a much better job than the counties to the South and Southeast of us.

Aside from that I've been keeping my eyes open for job prospects, but not getting my hopes up too much. There's just not a lot to choose from around here. I put in my application to our nearest Dick's Sporting Goods (that discount would be sweet on running clothes, though they don't carry anything but the most basic of shoes and almost no NB in widths), but I don't think they are looking for help at the moment...most retail places around here aren't. I did see a couple of "help wanted" signs at a Ritz Camera and a higher end children's portraiture studio in the big mall in GR, but that doesn't do me much good. They'd have to pay VERY well for me to justify at least 2.5 hours in my car every day.

In the meantime I've been running as much as possible. Our recent freakishly warm temps have allowed me to do some great runs on dry pavement...of course, this is just as I get my Winter spiked shoes. We did get some snow overnight, but it's still not cold enough to keep the roads snowy. With my luck we won't have much in the way of snow or ice and I'll have blown $100 on a pair of shoes for nothing.

This year I have a goal of 1500 miles. So far I am on track with my mileage to get there. Winter is always the hardest time to get the miles in. Once I start really training for a full Marathon it will be that much easier. I need to get ~29/week and I hope to be doing closer to 50 before competing at that distance.

I need to kick myself in the pants and start back up with my weight workouts, too...at least for upper body.  I had some nice definition in my arms last Summer, but it's all but gone, now.  Time to get back to that.  The relatively nice weather has had my emphasis on cramming in as many miles as I can, so once Winter really does arrive I'm sure it will be easier to get myself back into the strength training routine.

Today I booked a few lanes at a bowling alley down closer to Dane's school so that we can do his birthday party there next month.  Seeing as how most of the kids he'll invite live down there it seemed logical to do his party closer to his guests, rather than closer to our house.  Should be fun.  Pizza and cake for a bunch of wild and wooly elem. kids.



  1. Hi Kirsten! How do you get so many of your "Latest Workouts" to show up in the sidebar on your blog? I only get 3 on mine. Iffen you're ever in the area, feel free to stop by: http://runningforcassy.blogspot.com

    Have a good week!

  2. Hey, Rick...IIRC I think you need to change that number at the end of the code you copy. I think 10 is the max # of workouts you can have display. Does that make any sense...?

  3. Thanks, Kirsten! That worked like a charm. Would help if I would read directions, but hey... I'm a guy and that's counter to my gender! :-)

    Thanks for the help/tip!