I have reservations...

...at a hotel in downtown Milwaukee for the first weekend of Oct.  Why?  Because that Sunday is the Lakefront Marathon, which will be my first.  I long planned that Grand Rapids would be my first, but since DH will be out-of-state that weekend it's just not an option--I'd have no support(ie head cheerleader) and no one to watch DS.  I still have to register for the race, but I have time.  The price goes up in a week, so I will likely be doing so in the next few days.

Milwaukee will be a cool event, anyhow...the course is almost slightly downhill the entire way, it's in my home state, and my folks, siblings, nephews and other extended family should be able to attend, which will be a real treat.  My best friend is planning to make the road-trip to WI, too, so I will still have her there with me.  I hope we are both able to stick together for this race and both arrive at the starting line in good shape.  I will still plan to go to Grand Rapids on the day of their marathon, but as a spectator/cheerleader for other friends who are planning to enter that race.  I had considered doing the half-marathon, but it's only 2 weeks after Milwaukee, so I have no idea if I will be up to it...plus it is MORE expensive than the MLM, so that starts to get expensive, especially considering the weekend in Milwaukee is not likely to be cheap.

Today is Derek's birthday.  He is 36.  Ha, he is once again older than I...for the last 10 days we were the same age.


35 Years

5 days after Dane turned 7 I "celebrate" 5x as many years on the planet.  And with that I ran 7 miles today...figured I'd run a mile for ever 5 years I've been alive.  It kinda sucked--Old Man Winter and Mother Nature did their best to slow me down--but I made it through alive.  Windchill was about 4 and not an inch of clear asphalt anywhere.  We're already nearing record snowfall for the year and we still have a good 1-2 months before the Winter snow season is over.

My birthday has thus far been pretty dull.  Seems like ever since Dane was born our birthdays are pretty overshadowed--I'm guessing that would happen even if they weren't all within the same month.  Tonite we had awesome little beef filets and red skinned potatoes.  No cake, since we had cake a couple of nights ago and leftover cupcakes that Dane had taken to school yesterday (since we had 2 dozen and a few extras that had been ordered for his party).

That brings me to Dane's bowling party.  We ended up having to cancel it, as the weather was so horrendous.  The police were urging people to not leave their homes.  It was bitterly cold, windy, and icy.  The roads are still a mess, because of the cold and the road commissions are exhausting their budgets too fast.  Dane was pretty bummed, as were all his little invitees, but I think the adults were the most upset.  We think we may reschedule his party later in the Spring, after all the weekend tournaments at the alley are done.

Ooh, I did get a sort of birthday gift--a new cell phone.  My old one was going on 3 years old and had been dropped so many times that the antenna was gone and a piece of ratty duct tape was covering the sharp metal piece leftover.  I now have a sparkly red Samsung "Juke" that matches my Garmin.  I actually wanted a more simple phone (no camera, no music player, but 3 ICE buttons and a 911 button, so ideal for running with), but it didn't have an available holster that would have worked well for running.  

The Juke was about the tiniest phone Verizon carries.  I don't need the Mp3 player, since I have a nice iPod Nano (and most of my downloaded songs are in Apple's format and won't work on the Juke, anyhow) and I rarely used the camera on my previous phone.  The size is great, though...tiny and so lightweight.  I hardly notice it on my waist.  And even though the antenna is internal, it gets a much better signal here in BFE than my prior phone did--and no antenna to break off if I drop it.

I also finally got my new pair of NB 902s.  My first pair has almost 300 miles on them and are nearing likely retirement.  In less than 2 months the 903 will be out, so I will be rotating those two shoes for quite some time.

And I finished my first wear-test for NB.  I really liked the shoes and will be interested to see what the final retail version is like.  I'm not sure I would wear them much for running, since they are pretty specifically a drills/speedwork shoe, but they were really comfy and would be nice with jeans.



7 years

As of 5:10 last evening I have been a mom for 7 years.  Where in the heck has the time gone?  Seriously...Dane has grown so fast.  Everyone tells us that kids do this, but until a parent has experienced this phenomenon firsthand I think it doesn't really sink in.  This whole parenting thing is totally surreal.

Dane had a 2 hour delay for his birthday, then last night we took him to our favorite little chinese restaurant in town for a buffet supper.  After eating we came home and he opened his cards and finally got the slot car track that was *supposed* to be from Santa (but Dane found in my closet, so we put aside).

On Sunday we will be doing a bowling party down in Grand Haven (near his school and most of his closest friends).  Pizza, bowling, cupcakes.  He's really excited and this will be his first REAL party.  So far it appears it will be about 10 kids, which is a great, manageable crowd.

Yesterday I ran just shy of 10 miles.  My respiratory gunk continues to hang on and the roads were pretty trashed from the blizzard the previous day, so I didn't push it.  Today I hope to do 3-4 miles, since my wear test on the flashy NB shoes is coming to a close and I haven't done any miles in them since Monday.


I'm not dead!

...Not entirely "all better," but I'm definitely over the worst of whatever bug/bacteria tried to kill me this past week.

Friday night was the worst.  I laid on the sofa with a fever of 101.2 and chills.  Slept very little that night and the pressure in my head and face were unreal.  Drove myself to the medi-center a half hour away and was diagnosed with yet another sinus infection.  So I'm pretty certain I started with a run-of-the-mill flu (even after having had the shot, but that only protects against a small handful of strains), which morphed into the sinus evil (as most upper respiratory things do in me).   Man, I wish there were some permanent solution.  The whole antibiotics thing more than once/year really freaks me out.

I'm desperate to get out on a run and probably will be able to do a short/easy one today...but part of me has lost my mojo.  It's going to take so much work to catch up to my 1500 mile/year pace bunny that it almost seems hopeless...I'd had a 10 mile lead on him at one point, but now I can't even see his taunting fuzzy tail far ahead of me....  It's been a week since I last logged any miles and the past 2 weeks my miles have been pretty sporadic, at best, between the raw spot on my heel and the respiratory funk.  I am SO ready for Spring!