35 Years

5 days after Dane turned 7 I "celebrate" 5x as many years on the planet.  And with that I ran 7 miles today...figured I'd run a mile for ever 5 years I've been alive.  It kinda sucked--Old Man Winter and Mother Nature did their best to slow me down--but I made it through alive.  Windchill was about 4 and not an inch of clear asphalt anywhere.  We're already nearing record snowfall for the year and we still have a good 1-2 months before the Winter snow season is over.

My birthday has thus far been pretty dull.  Seems like ever since Dane was born our birthdays are pretty overshadowed--I'm guessing that would happen even if they weren't all within the same month.  Tonite we had awesome little beef filets and red skinned potatoes.  No cake, since we had cake a couple of nights ago and leftover cupcakes that Dane had taken to school yesterday (since we had 2 dozen and a few extras that had been ordered for his party).

That brings me to Dane's bowling party.  We ended up having to cancel it, as the weather was so horrendous.  The police were urging people to not leave their homes.  It was bitterly cold, windy, and icy.  The roads are still a mess, because of the cold and the road commissions are exhausting their budgets too fast.  Dane was pretty bummed, as were all his little invitees, but I think the adults were the most upset.  We think we may reschedule his party later in the Spring, after all the weekend tournaments at the alley are done.

Ooh, I did get a sort of birthday gift--a new cell phone.  My old one was going on 3 years old and had been dropped so many times that the antenna was gone and a piece of ratty duct tape was covering the sharp metal piece leftover.  I now have a sparkly red Samsung "Juke" that matches my Garmin.  I actually wanted a more simple phone (no camera, no music player, but 3 ICE buttons and a 911 button, so ideal for running with), but it didn't have an available holster that would have worked well for running.  

The Juke was about the tiniest phone Verizon carries.  I don't need the Mp3 player, since I have a nice iPod Nano (and most of my downloaded songs are in Apple's format and won't work on the Juke, anyhow) and I rarely used the camera on my previous phone.  The size is great, though...tiny and so lightweight.  I hardly notice it on my waist.  And even though the antenna is internal, it gets a much better signal here in BFE than my prior phone did--and no antenna to break off if I drop it.

I also finally got my new pair of NB 902s.  My first pair has almost 300 miles on them and are nearing likely retirement.  In less than 2 months the 903 will be out, so I will be rotating those two shoes for quite some time.

And I finished my first wear-test for NB.  I really liked the shoes and will be interested to see what the final retail version is like.  I'm not sure I would wear them much for running, since they are pretty specifically a drills/speedwork shoe, but they were really comfy and would be nice with jeans.


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I'm amazed by you and Joni getting out and getting runs in over on your side of the state. You guys get a heck of a lot more snow than we do.

    I hope Dane gets to have his birthday party later. Dayung weather!