I'm not dead!

...Not entirely "all better," but I'm definitely over the worst of whatever bug/bacteria tried to kill me this past week.

Friday night was the worst.  I laid on the sofa with a fever of 101.2 and chills.  Slept very little that night and the pressure in my head and face were unreal.  Drove myself to the medi-center a half hour away and was diagnosed with yet another sinus infection.  So I'm pretty certain I started with a run-of-the-mill flu (even after having had the shot, but that only protects against a small handful of strains), which morphed into the sinus evil (as most upper respiratory things do in me).   Man, I wish there were some permanent solution.  The whole antibiotics thing more than once/year really freaks me out.

I'm desperate to get out on a run and probably will be able to do a short/easy one today...but part of me has lost my mojo.  It's going to take so much work to catch up to my 1500 mile/year pace bunny that it almost seems hopeless...I'd had a 10 mile lead on him at one point, but now I can't even see his taunting fuzzy tail far ahead of me....  It's been a week since I last logged any miles and the past 2 weeks my miles have been pretty sporadic, at best, between the raw spot on my heel and the respiratory funk.  I am SO ready for Spring!


  1. (((hugs)))

    Glad to hear you are on your way back to Wellville- definitely the most important part!! ::heart::

    Fevers suck! When I was sick last month, i couldn't decide if i was hot or cold. One minute i'd pile on the blankets and crank up the heat...the next, i was literally out sitting in the snow on the patio. Crazy! :p

    Don't stress too much about that rascally bunny- i'm sure you'll catch up to him in no time, once you are 100% back. I imagine it will be easier to pick up a few extra miles too once the weather takes a turn for the better.... :)

  2. Sounds like you pretty much had what I had. Awful the way bugs plague us this time of the year.

  3. Sorry Zoomy! I really hope you're feeling better soon. I caught a terrible bug late December that lasted nearly a month. I just couldn't shake it. I was seriously pissed at the lack of effort on the part of my flu shot. Punk ass lazy bitch of a flu shot! Being sick is the WORST! Get better soon!!

  4. Hope you're back to normal... well, at least physically, soon, k. Don't sweat the bunny... you'll catch the little punk of a hare when you're back on your feet full throttle (and we start having nicer days to get out and run!). Especially when you start training for your full... the miles will pile up! ;-)

    Hang in there and hope you're well soon!

  5. Thanks, peeps!

    Now I'm just debating how to keep from going for a run tomorrow. It's supposed to be godawful windy and colder on Weds...so I'd rather run tomorrow, than weds. Hmmm....