Ain't that the truth...

3 New Balance ads.... The ad writer knows running/runners...


That wasn't so bad, now, was it...?

I was kinda dreading today's 8 miler. My runs since my race a week ago have been really kind of uncomfortable. The last 3 miles of my long 13 miler on Weds. were particularly rough--a bit of too-much-too-soon after the race.

Plus my new shoes arrived, so I wanted to get a run in in those--but 8 miles in a brand new shoe (particularly a brand new model) is generally not a great idea. So I threw caution to the wind, laced-up the new shoes, and went. And it was good (the new Saucony Progrid Guides are nice...very cushy, light, flexible. Beefier than my NB 902s, but not overly controlling). About a minute/mile faster than my typical pace for a run that distance. And this is after not sleeping particularly well last night. Amazing how energizing the sunshine can be.

I'll be plugging away at another 5 tomorrow. Normally Sundays are a rest day, but this week is going to be kind of messed-up with DS's parent/teacher conferences and half-days all week. We're going to try to get to Meijer Gardens some afternoon this week for the live butterflies exhibit since Dane will have afternoons off.

In other thrilling news...Bell's Oberon is back in stores for the warmer 6 months (woot!), so brats and beer are for dinner! :D


Seemed like a good idea at the time...

Continuing in the insanity vein:

What made me think it was a good idea to run half marathon distance only 4 days after having my ass handed to me in a wicked 15k? Oh, yeah...insanity. By about the 10 mile mark I was hurting pretty bad. Both of my knees felt pretty shot...with pain sort of radiating up my quads and down my shins (I'm sure this is my legs still complaining about the hills upon endless hills on Saturday). I still had a fair amount of energy and the weather was gorgeous (sunny, some light wind, low 40s)...but holy crap were my legs P.O.'d. Good thing tomorrow is a rest day...I need it.

I need to start doing some abs work, too. I can definitely tell that I need more torso support towards the end of these longer runs. I think I may start doing some crunches tomorrow.

That last beer in the fridge is mine, just in case there was any question.


Proof That Running Makes One Insane

As follows is a list of factors that show how 2 years of regular running and racing has seriously messed with my sanity (which was likely sorta questionable to begin with):

• I'll spend $1/ea. on tiny packets of slimy sugar products with names like "GU" for energy
• Spending a minimum of $90 on new shoes every 2-3 months (~300 miles) doesn't make me flinch
• My best friend thinks she errantly nailed me with a snot rocket .5 mile from the finish of a 15k race and I wasn't the least bit grossed-out
• I've been known to run >3 miles in sub-zero temps and feel hardcore with snotsicles™ running down my face and eyelashes frozen together, rather than stay inside my cozy home eating popcorn and drinking hot cocoa like a sane person would
• I PAY to enter races...normal people don't willingly pay to inflict pain upon themselves
• I feel a mild sense of failure if I don't log at least 100 miles in a given month
• I wear "fanny packs," aka hydration belts, without feeling like a complete dork
• I feel LESS stupid the more my race-day outfit clashes; inversely, the more I coordinate, the bigger a N00B I feel like
• I think I'm cool for wearing a device bigger than a calculator watch on my wrist

Please feel free to comment with your own items of insanity.



I really hurt. I knew I would...but even though I could have benefitted from at least 9 hours of sleep I think I got maybe 7. Went to bed a bit later than I needed to and woke up when I found that simply rolling over or changing positions hurt. And ice bath yesterday probably would have done me some good, but the thought of soaking in ice water after racing in the snow and ice was just not appealing in the least.

After yesterday I think I will definitely be registering for the Strider's Saturday Classic 10 miler next month. Last year I thought that hilly race was so tough, but after yesterday's race it sounds like a piece of cake. Hills on dry asphalt are still easier than hills on snow/ice. Plus the first couple of miles of that are flat, as are the last couple, since it's an out-and-back. That race is maybe 6 miles of hills out of the 10, rather than 9.3 out of 9.3. :p

I should go run 3-4 miles...I know it would probably help loosen me up and get my muscles healing faster, but finding the motivation to just get dressed to go out and do it is proving to be a heckuva challenge. Perhaps if I eat something more nutritious than Easter candy and bacon that would help matters...heh.

We need to dye eggs today. I boiled them up yesterday, but just didn't have the energy to deal with dying them.


Kent City Ridge Run 15k

Copied from my running log site...

OMFG...that both sucked AND blew. It would have been a difficult race under ideal conditions, but yesterday dumped ~6" of icy snow on the area, so all but maybe a mile total of the course was snow and ice...almost entirely on unplowed, hilly backroads. I hurt...and something tells me I'm REALLY gonna hurt tomorrow. But I placed in my age group for the first time ever...3 out of 7 women in the 35-39 AG (94/120 for the full field). Unfortunately we didn't stick around for awards, since my local friend who rode with me was feeling a little ill and wanted to get home. I'm going to e-mail the race director to see if I earned anything--if so I would happily pay her to mail it to me...who knows when I will actually "place" in a race again.

Eryn and I were pretty much side-by-side for the entire race (heh, but I smoked her on the last quarter mile or so...it pays to have that sprinter's kick at the end ;)). We both agree that this is the hardest race course either of us has run. The 25k coming up in May is easier...it has just a few smallish hills and (hopefully) no SNOW/ICE! Gah. We do think we will meet up to run this course during marathon training, though...once the snow is long gone. It would definitely be a good strength workout.

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful race. I really feel that HTFU glow, though. 9.3 miles of gutting it out and living to tell about it. I had hoped to run at least as fast as my HM PR pace (just under 9:30), but there was no way that was going to happen. Without the snow and ice it probably would have been doable, but definitely not today. And I still PRd.

One of the neat things about having a Garmin Forerunner is seeing that I actually ran 9.36 miles...that extra .06 is almost certainly from all the traversing everyone had to do to find the least slippery areas of the course. Having a way to make that elevation profile above is pretty cool, too.

MTA: this was pretty much the first race where I felt NO guilt for walking through water stops... :I

Tonite will almost certainly be an early bedtime, as I didn't fall asleep until around midnight and found myself wide-awake at about 5am. After showering and sitting for a bit I ran to the store to get some Easter stuff, too. Now the muscle aches are starting to set-in. I feel a bit like I've been beaten to a semi-pulp state. Ow.


Shoo...be gone with you!

Stupid snow...stupid Winter weather on the second day of Spring. Looks like I will be bringing and likely wearing my YakTrax for tomorrow's 15k. Gah. I had hoped to PR, but now it's doubtful. Running a long distance in YakTrax can be kind of uncomfortable, too. Poo.

DH took my snow tires off already, too...so the drive to pick DS up from school was really hairy. Normally takes about 30 minutes, but I think it was almost twice that, especially for the drive home when the roads were really slick. I'm normally a very confident driver, but not when I see 2 SUVs that had obviously rolled being towed. Also stalled pulling into DS's school parking lot. Manual transmission is fantastic on bad roads, but sometimes putting it in a high enough gear to keep the wheel torque low to avoid sliding can also stall the car (doesn't happen with my snow tires, but our "all seasons" are complete garbage on Wintery roads).

My new shoes arrived...but I'm thinking I might want to go a half size up, so I ordered the next half-size up for comparison. They are a hair short, a hair narrow and the arch feels like it's back a teensy bit far...so the next size up should work better. I think they will work well, though. Nice, soft feel, lightweight, snug heel. 

Got a 20% off coupon with my order to share for anyone in need of new shoes (running or otherwise):
Promo code: 8ANNIVBX @ checkout. Valid on one regularly priced item (some exclusions).
Expires 3/31/08


Haven't slept well the past few nights...I swear the full moon messes with me. I think the time change and sunlight later in the day is not helping...still seem to be adapting to that. Gah, I'm like an old woman set in her ways.

Sitting here waiting for my new Saucony shoes to arrive. According to UPS tracking they are "out for delivery." I hope they get here within the next hour. I have to pick up DS from school today, so even though I'm doing just a really short 2.5-3 miles, I still need to get on it fairly soon. I'd like to be able to give my new shoes a trial run (won't wear them for tomorrow's race, or anything, but nice to do just short runs in a brand new model before attempting anything longer). I thought I heard the truck, but it was just a garbage truck a block away.

Tonite DH is working a stand (to raise money for his JDRF bike ride trip in Oct.) at a High School Musical performance. He is very brave. He worked a stand at a Hannah Montana concert a few months back, too. He is hardcore.

Still not seeing any days reaching 50ºF in the next 10 day forecast...41º for the high is the warmest prediction...sheesh. Some of you voters in my poll may want to go ahead and change your votes. :(


2 years...

I can't believe I almost missed this anniversary. 2 years ago on this date also was the first day of Spring...and it fell on a Monday. For a month or so prior to this date I had decided that I would start running. I decided to jump into the Couch-to-5k running plan (I skipped the first 2 weeks since I had been doing some moderate kickboxing workouts for a month or two and was not a complete couch potato).

My sole goal was to be able to run 3 miles a few times/week...nothing more ambitious than this. And to think I sit here already registered for my first marathon in early Oct. of this year...only 2.5 years after I first started. Wow. It's kinda surreal. 2 years ago I thought only "athletes" and crazy people ran marathons. Well, I've always been "crazy," but I guess now I am an athlete, too. Still slow, still pudgy (shut up, I'm workin' on it--running makes me ravenous)...but not AS slow. :)

One thing is for certain...I have gone though a whole helluvalot of shoes in 2 years! ;)

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Well, I don't know about the statistics part, but the calendar is full of lies...damned ones, too. According to the calendar today is the first day of SPRING...coulda fooled me. Tomorrow we are predicted to have snow all day and through the night. Not really all that shocking for Michigan in March...but sheesh. I'm running a 15k Saturday AM and would prefer to not have to deal with snow (hopefully we won't get much measurable snowfall...I don't think we are predicted to, but the only thing predictable about West Michigan weather is its unpredictability). Much of it is on gravel backroads, so adding snow to the mix could be messy...especially if it starts to melt. That concoction of slush + sandy dirt is a recipe for cold, wet, filthy feet.

I'm hoping to PR at this race. My first and only 15k was finished in 1:34:51. Miles were poorly marked, so I had a hard time gauging my pace. Now that I have my Garmin Forerunner GPS (aka "Big Red") I will be better able to pace myself. My goal is to get under 1:30...that's probably fairly modest, too, given that I'd only have to maintain a 9:41m/m pace and my half-marathon pace is faster than that for a longer distance. Though there are reported to be some wicked hills in this race, so we shall see.

Speaking of half marathons, since I won't be able to do any local Fall ones due to marathon training, I'm thinking of doing one in June about 45 minutes north of here. My other option would be a second 15k, but I'd rather work to improve upon my HM PR, since that is a favorite distance and it would be an event that I have yet to run.

In mileage news...as of today I have run over 308 miles since 1/1. Not too shabby. I'm just behind the 1500 mile pace bunny, but once the marathon training starts in earnest that rodent will be eating my dust.


Vintage Video

Found an old "movie" that DH made when DS was a few months shy of 2. I shrunk it down to fit YouTube. Enjoy!

Race Day Forecast

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who semi-obsesses over the weather in the days leading up to a race. So far the forecast for Saturday (4 days from now) is calling for a high of 36º F and partly cloudy skies. That 9:30 start could be kinda chilly if the high is only to get into the mid-30s...I'm just hoping that it's not too windy. Man, this Spring is taking forever to arrive. I shouldn't have to be thinking in terms of layers for a race in the last half of March...

It will still beat the Hell-on-Earth inferno-like weather they had in Chicago for the marathon last year, though. I'm doing Milwaukee, which is the same day. Hopefully the temps will be more seasonable in '08 than they were in '07.


The challenges which befall a mother/tooth-fairy whilst under the effects of Ambien

Goes up to Dane's room and finds that envelope with cast-off tooth has been sealed and saved to the point of ridiculousness. He slid it WAY under the pillow. I touched his tiny hand and froze as I felt him stir a little Eventually I was able to s-l-o-w-l-y extricate the envelope from under his firm 7 year old hand-hold. In exchange I left a ratty dollar bill. We had been using golden dollar coins, but the bastards are pita to find. So we'll tell him to HTFU if he whinges about it, blimey.

Phew...I need a brew and a bed. Cheerio.

"Shoe Ho" strikes again!

So my beloved New Balance 902s officially have over 100 miles on them...I have at least 200 miles to go before I consider retirement, but at the rate I am increasing my mileage that will not take long--particularly if they are the only pair in rotation. At ~35 miles/week the life-expectancy of my shoes is relatively short. Once I hit official marathon training the useful lifespan of my shoes will only decrease.

And we are in that season where it's not at all unheard of to run through a deluge, so having 2 pairs helps ensure that I always have a dry pair to run in. Since it's at least 2 weeks before the 903s will be shipping and I just got a 20% off coupon from onlineshoes.com I figured today was the day to "pull the trigger" on a different shoe for rotation with my "old" 902s.

I have been researching shoes that are light on stability, higher in flexibility and come in wide widths...but with a little more cush and a bit beefier than my 902s. The new Saucony Progrid Guide fits the bill--at least on paper. I've heard that the Saucony fit is similar to NBs...wide forefoots, narrow heels. I'll be interested to see how these feel out-of-the-box. At least if they don't fit perfectly I don't lose anything. Online Shoes has free shipping and free returns, so no loss. I also picked up some new Smartwool socks (also 20% off--good deal) for warmer weather.

I just wish the wide width model came in something other than white...I hate white shoes. They look dorky new and gross when they are worn. At least colorful shoes seem to retain a good look over the lifespan. I know...silly rant.

Today's run was kinda meh. First 3 miles felt stiff and sore. Last mile was decent. I think I was still pretty beat-up from last week. I have 2 easy runs the next 2 days, then a rest day, then a short run Friday to loosen-up before my 15k on Sat. I just hope I feel a bit less under the weather. I think my allergies are kicking in. All this "warmer" weather has almost certainly kicked the mold growth outdoors into high gear. My mom is miserable, too, and has had official allergy testing (mold, dust mites, cats...yeah, cats. Gah).


A well-deserved rest

I finished out this past week with 33 miles...I had planned to do 32, but instead of an easy 7 yesterday I ran 8...a hard 8, too. Even though I had planned to run very easy (partly because I needed to just run sort of a medium-length distance of recovery miles, but also because I was feeling a bit under the weather), a local running buddy of mine called and wanted to do 8--her long run for the week. So I figured it would be nice to run with her. Of course, I went knowing that she has a bad habit of running all of her training runs all-out (and deals with injuries quite often...hmmm...). Her race paces aren't usually more than 30-60 seconds faster than her training paces...when they should be closer to a 2 minute difference.

I had planned to run ~11-11.5 m/mile pace, but we did under 10.5. I was hurtin'. That was really brutal the day after a hard 4 miler of hills...and the 8 miler had a handful of good hills, too. So around 4am I was hitting the ibuprofen.

Today I am enjoying doing nothing more strenuous than laundry. I might lift a beer to my mouth, too...12oz curls.


Have you seen my motivation?

If you happen upon it, could you be so kind as to send it back to me?

For the past few days I have had a sore throat...it actually seems better today, but now nasal congestion and general feelings of malaise seem to have replaced the raw throat. At first I thought I'd just picked up a cold bug, since my son has been kinda snurfly, but now I'm thinking maybe it's allergies kicking-in (Dane seems to also have inherited seasonal allergies...poor kid. At least mine didn't set-in until I was 12 or 13). We've had above freezing temps and lots of thawing for about the past week, so the mold count is probably pretty high.

Yesterday I had a nice 4 mile hill workout. Today I need to do an easy 7-8, but I'm just not feelin' it...I just need to do it and enjoy my rest day tomorrow. In addition to not feeling 100% I also didn't sleep well. I had a very disturbing dream last night that involved DH in a car accident and I didn't sleep well after that.

On the literal "bright side" of things, the sun is shining...again. I think we've had about a week solid of mostly sunny days. This is almost unheard of any time of the year in western MI, but particularly in March. It is definitely welcome after our dreadful Feb. of constant cloud cover, higher-than-average snowfall and bitter cold.


File this under "why didn't I think of that?"

The 200 was my event in HS...but I was always kinda mediocre. If there were 3 heats I always was in the second heat and finished right in the middle. Perhaps I should have screamed my fool head off like this guy...

Technorati Profile

Rosy Glow

Last night I was looking in the mirror and noticed how pink my cheeks were. I was thinking "ow, that's some serious wind-burn." Then it occurred to me...it wasn't at all windy yesterday--I had some mild SUNBURN! How crazy is that? I don't think I've ever had sunburn in March...mostly because we rarely SEE the sun in March.

Today it is overcast, so no risk of sunburn. Of course, today is a "rest" day, so I'm not going to be outdoors running, anyhow. I really need to make myself go do some core and lower-body work to strengthen some of my weaker support muscles. The laundry is out-of-control, so I need to tackle that and get myself registered for my 15k in a little over a week, too.

What an exciting day... ;)


These are a few of my favorite hacks...

As my readers (this makes me chuckle...like I am such an elite blogger to have "readers"...*said in a snooty voice*) have probably noticed I have been having a lot of fun customizing my blog. My latest fun widget is the calendar in the right-hand column. The author of that hack is also responsible for that way cool label (tag) cloud at the bottom of the page.

I must say that I am insanely jealous of folks who have a knack with HTML, Javascript, and CSS coding. My own HTML skills are so completely basic and laughable that I have a very hard time saying "I know HTML," 'cause my knowledge of the language is mostly of cutting, pasting, tweaking until I stumble upon the desired result or just plain give up. If I actually had to sit down and code even the most basic page from scratch I'd be stuck...I don't actually know the basic elements to state the type of code and all that jazz...I just copy it from other pieces of source code and cross my fingers... :P

It's a beautiful day...

...don't let it get away. (Thanks, Bono and U2)

Earlier I ran 12 miles...the furthest I've run since my last HM back in late Oct. It felt good...was gorgeous outside--low-to-mid 30s, full sun, minimal wind. So nice. It was like a gift after HTFUing all Winter through a lot of really crappy weather and on some nasty roads. My right knee is a bit cranky, but nothing some quad strengthening workouts won't fix. Abs started to feel a bit tired and sore towards the end, too, so I need to get back to 2-3 core workouts each week, especially now that I am starting to increase my mileage in preparation for a 25k in 2 months.

Sunny Humpday

I cannot get over how much sunshine we have seen of late. This is NOT normal for MI. Granted, with it we are dealing with temps that are generally ~10º colder than normal, but the sun really is welcome. It's nice to have to wear sunglasses on my runs to protect my eyes from the bright sunlight, rather than from wind.

I'm hoping to get out for my long run in just a bit. I'm planning to do 12 miles. Next week will be a decrease week for me, since I will be doing a 15k a week from this Sat.


New Addition

Heh...I was just introduced to a new blog that I have added to my collection of feeds that I automatically receive updates for - Stuff White People Like. It's scary how much of this stuff I can identify with. The Apple one especially cracks me up...as I pen my blog entries from my Mac Mini and run with my iPod. Though I can truly say that I don't use Macs because they are "cool," but because that's what I originally learned Photoshop on and I never had any positive experiences using PCs. Macs have always worked well for me, so I've stuck with the familiar and reliable. :)

4 miles

I only need to run 4 miles today--my shortest, easiest workout of the week. But I cannot. get. motivated. Meh. I'm tired...after I got DS up, his breakfast made, and his lunch packed I went back to bed for a few hours. Last night I waited up for DH to get home from working a fundraising gig for the JDRF. I went to bed too late the night before, too (stupid time change). Derek must really be sleepy.

I feel almost drugged. Coffee and my Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper (aka caffeinated crack) aren't touching this. Hopefully my run will wake me up...I'm still in my PJs and haven't yet eaten lunch, so I need to get dressed and fill my belly before getting out on the road.

Tomorrow is my planned long run. Should be right around freezing with minimal wind when I plan to go. I had wanted to run a little later in the day (when it will be warmer), but Derek will likely be going down to work at the arena for JDRF fundraising, again, so I'll need to pick Dane up from school. Too bad 12 miles takes me so danged long!



In less disgusting news:

I have yet another Ben & Jerry's flavor that I will have to exercise extreme restraint to avoid placing it in my shopping cart. It's caramel ice cream with gobs of cinnamon roll dough and swirls of crunchy streusely stuff. *sigh*

And, for the WTF category...are we Americans really so lazy that we need our pancake batter in an aerosol can so that we can simply spray it into the pan? Wait, don't answer that. It is kind of an ingenious idea, but I can't help but wonder if it tastes rank.


When we first found Chase late last Summer he had fleas and worms (round and tapeworm)...not too surprising for a kitty who had probably spent most of his short life lived outdoors. So we treated him for both and he has been indoors ever since.

A week or so ago I noticed "stuff" on his butt that looked strangely like tapeworm segments, but I thought maybe he had gotten pencil shavings or other random stuff stuck to his but after hanging out with Dane and all of Dane's art supplies.

This morning I again noticed something stuck to his rear (have been paying closer attention to his fuzzy nether-regions, since he so recently had surgery). Dammit if he doesn't have tapeworm again...or still. I don't know how he could have been re-infested, since he doesn't go outdoors, doesn't have fleas, and hasn't caught any mice indoors. So I'm guessing his tapeworm treatment last Fall didn't totally clear out all the worms. Gah.

So after I picked Dane up from school we stopped at Petsmart, since they carry tapeworm pills ($3 pills for about $20 on their website). They were out of ALL worming products. Huh. So we backtracked to Petco...they had worming products, but not for tapeworm. Mother*(&*)^! So no one in the area is carrying the tapeworm meds. Which means we either need to drive an hour away to find them at other Petsmart or Petco locations or I need to see if our vet will sell me a pill or two (same exact meds that are OTC) without having to drag him in for a $$ office visit. PITA.

And now I'm paranoid that our 3 other cats could end up infested, as well. Gah. Why must pet ownership so often be so disgusting!


Spring Forward

*yawn* Thank heavens for coffee!

I hate "losing" that hour...I love that it stays light later and makes it possible for DH and I to workout later in the day...but getting up when it's still very dark is kinda miserable. I know I will probably like it this Summer, though. Chances are we will have Dane do 2-3 days/week of "Summer Camp" at his old Montessori school. I will get training runs in while he is occupied. Ideally I will be doing my long runs on these days, leaving shortly after dropping him off. I'm expecting my longest runs to take about 4 hours and will definitely want to get them in before the day heats up too miserably.

I need to get a 5 miler in today, then home to shower and down to pick up Dane from school. The sun is out and it's gorgeous. AND we finally took the snow tires off of "Dash" the wonder car. I have a free premium car wash certificate to use, so I think maybe Dane and I will go get the worst of the Winter snow and gunk cleaned-off our pretty car with its sparkly alloy wheels...nice to not have those fugly steelies on.


Smilie Sunday

I found a hack for adding smilies to Blogger posts, but I'm not sure it's going to work--it hasn't worked when I've previewed the page before applying the HTML/CSS formatting code.

:) :D ;) :$ :( :P

ETA: Interesting...appears all work except for general :) Not sure why they want to automatically line up vertically, even if I type them horizontally. No biggie... :D


It's Caturday!

I don't think I ever wrote an entry about our eldest (and lone female) kitty, Lola. Last Friday we received the results of her recent thyroid profile--turns out she is VERY hyperthyroid. Which explains why she is so skinny and hungry all the time. The vet said her thyroid gland didn't feel overly large, though, which is sorta surprising. Apparently hyperthyroidism is fairly common in older (Lola is 14.5), female cats.

So a week ago she started on a medication to help suppress her thyroid function. For this past week she was on 2 pills/day, then for the next 2 weeks she will take .5 a pill, 2x/day. After that she will have another thyroid panel to see if her dosage needs adjustment. After a week of the drug it already seems like she is putting a little weight back on and she seems a bit less ravenous all the time.

As for the pills...we were REALLY dreading giving her a pill 2x/day for the rest of her life--anyone who has ever had to give a cat a pill will understand this trepidation. Our vet recommended a really neat product that Lola INHALES...Pill Pockets. They aren't particularly cheap (the lowest price I have seen is about $4/pack online, not including shipping) and there are only 45/bag. So we will try some other things that have been recommended, like Velveeta. But it's always a good solution if nothing else works. She thinks she's getting a treat, so it's not stressful to us or to her.

In other kitty news, Chase is no longer a "he." His surgery went well and he was an angel both to and from the vet. Didn't make a peep. I've never had a cat that doesn't behave pitifully in the car. He's about 75% back to his usual energy level, already. We let him have run of the house last night (instead of shutting him in the basement--most nights he decides that 5am is a good time to start ramming around and playing with the other cats--they don't agree and vocally inform him that they'd rather sleep). He was still pretty rambunctious once it started getting light, but a bit less than normal. Eventually we hope he settles down enough to sleep at night with the rest of the family. Dane would really love to have Chase up on his bed at night...Chase is really his kitten and they have a cute bond.

Oh, and I learn something every day. The vet provided a general care sheet for neutered/spayed pets. One of the things it mentioned on this sheet was that male cats and dogs can remain fertile for 6-8 WEEKS after alteration...I had no idea, and we've had cats for years (all male except for Lola). Makes me wonder how many other people are not aware of this and let their recently neutered pets freely outdoors. So much for neutering an animal if it can still father a few litters for a month or more after surgery. Our cats have never gone outdoors, so it's a non-issue for us, but a lot of people do let their dogs and cats roam pretty unsupervised.


An open letter...

...to the loser who very nearly rear-ended me this AM:
Put down the cigarette, quit yakkin' your passenger's ear off, and DRIVE!

On my way taking my DS to school this morning we approached a slowed clump of traffic on the interstate. We were in the left-hand lane...ahead there was a "wide-load" vehicle hauling a train car (that's something one doesn't see every day) in the right lane and ahead in our lane was a large truck hauling gravel or dirt. So there was solid, slow-moving traffic with minimal space between cars for probably a half mile.

Anyhow, as we approach the blob of cars I look in my rear-view mirror to see an older, burgundy sedan approaching the back of my car at a high speed...too fast to easily slow in time (and either side of the interstate is concrete at this stretch of highway, so there is no median for anyone to head for in such a situation). I braced myself for impact and cringed at the sound of squealing tires. In slow motion I witness this moron's vehicle stop just inches from my bumper (and just feet from my child in his booster seat). I also witnessed his passenger freaking the hell out...arms flailing, mouth open in a shriek.

Apparently this was not enough to scare the idiot driver straight, though...oh, no. As soon as he could find breaks in traffic he starts weaving lane to lane in a lame attempt to get ahead of the glut of cars. I think he might have saved himself all of 10 seconds in arriving at his destination. Tool.

In hindsight I wish I would have had the presence of mind to get the incompetent driver's plate #. The fewer jerks like that on the roads, the better. I love my kid and my car and would prefer to keep them both safe and intact.


And the sun is shining! Woot!

Heading out in a bit to take the kitty to the vet for his, ahem, snipping surgery. Then off to Dane's school for a breakfast that the 1st and 2nd grade classes are hosting. Once I am back home I need to get my run on...waiting to find out from my local running buddy if she wants to do the early AM club run tomorrow, or something else later in the day. That will determine how far I run today.


What is your Leprechaun name?

Your Leprechaun Name Is:

Sneaky Cabbageleaf

Patience...it's a virtue...

...or something to that effect.  But why must I be taunted by photos of the shoe I am lusting after that is not due to be available for purchase until 4/1?  There is one online retailer that is already showing these on their website (and appear to be taking orders), even though I doubt they have them in stock.

These flashy shoes (that match my blog and my favorite running skirt quite nicely, I might add) are the New Balance 903--replacement for my beloved, bright cyan 902s. I'm really eager to see how they differ. I have read that they will have increased forefoot cushion and a true wide sole, rather than simply a more generously cut upper. Both sound like great improvements. Not sure that I am fond of the overall cosmetics of the shoe, though. The color is great, but I like the silver trim on my 902s better. I can't tell from this photo, but I wonder if they lost the neat little piece that covers the big toe--I like that little touch.

I'll be interested to see how these shoes work for me over the long haul, too. I've run up to a half-marathon in my 902s, but a full would be a very different beast. I may want something more substantial for that effort.

This week in training...(week of 3/2)

I've been thinking that since I will be doing structured training for 2 "big" races this year (25k and marathon) that I should try to post weekly commentary about my mileage, run quality, weather, etc.  I always enjoy reading these sorts of things from my friends who are training for their own goal events.

Anyhow...this week I have logged 19 miles in the form of a couple of easy 4 milers and yesterday's 11 miler.  I threw in some strides for the last mile of one of my short runs...that felt really good.  Nothing like having dry, snow and ice-free (mostly) asphalt to see what my legs can do after a Winter of slogging along on messy roads.

Yesterday's run was uneventful.  Nice to not have to wear YakTrax...though it was one of those runs where I never found my "groove."  I felt like I was warming up the entire distance...which kinda sucked.  I was still stiff and sore by the time I arrived back home 2 hours later.  I fully expected to have angry knees and hips today, but I feel surprisingly limber for the day after a long run.  Guess I showed my body who's boss, huh...?

Tomorrow I am planning to do ~4 miles of speedwork (whoo hoo!) with a couple faster paced miles thrown in.  On Sat. AM I am planning to go run with a local running club and a friend of mine who runs about my pace.  She is doing most of the same Spring/Summer runs that I am.

Next week will be about the same mileage, only I plan to add a mile to my long run.

It's official!

I registered the domain and am now zoomylicious.com.  Could I BE a bigger dork?


Let me IN!

I love this guy's videos! Cat Man Do is a previous excellent one.


Check out the fun I've been having with my blog...I got tired of the old pink, pink, and more pink color scheme and decided to build my blog around the tattoo design I plan to have inked on my left ankle after I finish my first marathon.  The actual tattoo would have the Mazda "zoom-zoom" logo added underneath (representing my online running persona), as well as a pawprint.  I would add a pawprint for each marathon I complete--creating a permanent ankle bracelet effect.

I also found a neat tutorial for adding a "label cloud" for my tags, that way I could stick them underneath my main blog entries without having one freaky long column of tags.

I'm starting to give some thought to "paid blogging."  I have a couple of friends who do this and actually have made some decent spending cash (one friend funded a trip to the Mall of America with her blogging) for writing about services and products they have tried.  I do this, anyhow, so might as well get reimbursed for my time and efforts.  I'm also thinking I should do the affiliate thing with my favorite online shoe retailer.  It would net me 10% back from my purchases, so about $9 every time I order new shoes.  Since I am going through 4-5 pair/year this is worth doing.


It's ON!

I officially registered for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon last week...yikes!  My 18 weeks of training officially kicks-off on June 1.  In the meantime I am training for a 25k on Mother's Day weekend, then I will have 3 weeks to decompress from that.  

In other news, the sun is shining!!!  I think we've seen more sun in the past week than we did for about 3 months prior.  It is SO nice!  And yesterday I swear I smelled DIRT while on my run.  That's really something after a month+ of several feet of snow covering all of Nature.

Speaking of "Nature," on Friday Chase the crazy kitten will be getting "fixed."  Maybe he will finally calm down and we can let him sleep with us at night, instead of locking him in the basement at bedtime.  Every time we have tried to give him a reprieve it has led to him being locked away by 5am, anyhow.