4 miles

I only need to run 4 miles today--my shortest, easiest workout of the week. But I cannot. get. motivated. Meh. I'm tired...after I got DS up, his breakfast made, and his lunch packed I went back to bed for a few hours. Last night I waited up for DH to get home from working a fundraising gig for the JDRF. I went to bed too late the night before, too (stupid time change). Derek must really be sleepy.

I feel almost drugged. Coffee and my Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper (aka caffeinated crack) aren't touching this. Hopefully my run will wake me up...I'm still in my PJs and haven't yet eaten lunch, so I need to get dressed and fill my belly before getting out on the road.

Tomorrow is my planned long run. Should be right around freezing with minimal wind when I plan to go. I had wanted to run a little later in the day (when it will be warmer), but Derek will likely be going down to work at the arena for JDRF fundraising, again, so I'll need to pick Dane up from school. Too bad 12 miles takes me so danged long!


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