When we first found Chase late last Summer he had fleas and worms (round and tapeworm)...not too surprising for a kitty who had probably spent most of his short life lived outdoors. So we treated him for both and he has been indoors ever since.

A week or so ago I noticed "stuff" on his butt that looked strangely like tapeworm segments, but I thought maybe he had gotten pencil shavings or other random stuff stuck to his but after hanging out with Dane and all of Dane's art supplies.

This morning I again noticed something stuck to his rear (have been paying closer attention to his fuzzy nether-regions, since he so recently had surgery). Dammit if he doesn't have tapeworm again...or still. I don't know how he could have been re-infested, since he doesn't go outdoors, doesn't have fleas, and hasn't caught any mice indoors. So I'm guessing his tapeworm treatment last Fall didn't totally clear out all the worms. Gah.

So after I picked Dane up from school we stopped at Petsmart, since they carry tapeworm pills ($3 pills for about $20 on their website). They were out of ALL worming products. Huh. So we backtracked to Petco...they had worming products, but not for tapeworm. Mother*(&*)^! So no one in the area is carrying the tapeworm meds. Which means we either need to drive an hour away to find them at other Petsmart or Petco locations or I need to see if our vet will sell me a pill or two (same exact meds that are OTC) without having to drag him in for a $$ office visit. PITA.

And now I'm paranoid that our 3 other cats could end up infested, as well. Gah. Why must pet ownership so often be so disgusting!



  1. Great post to read while eating my Raisin Bran this morning. Thanks, K! Always entertaining. :-)

  2. Tee hee...there's more than one way for a person to control his/her food intake...


  3. Uh...I'm not even sure what to say about this. I always think that I want to be a vet when I grow up, but this kind of thing makes me happy to sit in an office full of contracts. :)

  4. Yeah, I wanted to be a vet, too...but only to treat animals in perfect health...not the ones in pain or with nasty conditions like worms or absecesses. Ick!

  5. Or abscesses, even...yeah, I can spell.