It's Caturday!

I don't think I ever wrote an entry about our eldest (and lone female) kitty, Lola. Last Friday we received the results of her recent thyroid profile--turns out she is VERY hyperthyroid. Which explains why she is so skinny and hungry all the time. The vet said her thyroid gland didn't feel overly large, though, which is sorta surprising. Apparently hyperthyroidism is fairly common in older (Lola is 14.5), female cats.

So a week ago she started on a medication to help suppress her thyroid function. For this past week she was on 2 pills/day, then for the next 2 weeks she will take .5 a pill, 2x/day. After that she will have another thyroid panel to see if her dosage needs adjustment. After a week of the drug it already seems like she is putting a little weight back on and she seems a bit less ravenous all the time.

As for the pills...we were REALLY dreading giving her a pill 2x/day for the rest of her life--anyone who has ever had to give a cat a pill will understand this trepidation. Our vet recommended a really neat product that Lola INHALES...Pill Pockets. They aren't particularly cheap (the lowest price I have seen is about $4/pack online, not including shipping) and there are only 45/bag. So we will try some other things that have been recommended, like Velveeta. But it's always a good solution if nothing else works. She thinks she's getting a treat, so it's not stressful to us or to her.

In other kitty news, Chase is no longer a "he." His surgery went well and he was an angel both to and from the vet. Didn't make a peep. I've never had a cat that doesn't behave pitifully in the car. He's about 75% back to his usual energy level, already. We let him have run of the house last night (instead of shutting him in the basement--most nights he decides that 5am is a good time to start ramming around and playing with the other cats--they don't agree and vocally inform him that they'd rather sleep). He was still pretty rambunctious once it started getting light, but a bit less than normal. Eventually we hope he settles down enough to sleep at night with the rest of the family. Dane would really love to have Chase up on his bed at night...Chase is really his kitten and they have a cute bond.

Oh, and I learn something every day. The vet provided a general care sheet for neutered/spayed pets. One of the things it mentioned on this sheet was that male cats and dogs can remain fertile for 6-8 WEEKS after alteration...I had no idea, and we've had cats for years (all male except for Lola). Makes me wonder how many other people are not aware of this and let their recently neutered pets freely outdoors. So much for neutering an animal if it can still father a few litters for a month or more after surgery. Our cats have never gone outdoors, so it's a non-issue for us, but a lot of people do let their dogs and cats roam pretty unsupervised.

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