It's ON!

I officially registered for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon last week...yikes!  My 18 weeks of training officially kicks-off on June 1.  In the meantime I am training for a 25k on Mother's Day weekend, then I will have 3 weeks to decompress from that.  

In other news, the sun is shining!!!  I think we've seen more sun in the past week than we did for about 3 months prior.  It is SO nice!  And yesterday I swear I smelled DIRT while on my run.  That's really something after a month+ of several feet of snow covering all of Nature.

Speaking of "Nature," on Friday Chase the crazy kitten will be getting "fixed."  Maybe he will finally calm down and we can let him sleep with us at night, instead of locking him in the basement at bedtime.  Every time we have tried to give him a reprieve it has led to him being locked away by 5am, anyhow.


  1. Congratulations!!! That's so exciting!!! I look forward to hearing all about your training. You're going to do awesome!!

  2. That is exciting! I just wish it was going to be GR so I could be there and see you finish.

    Whatever you do, don't overtrain. Just get to the race in good physical shape and you'll do fine so, don't set your goals too high. In the back of my mind I was wanting to sub-4 my first marathon and was training to do so and, I shouldn't have. I think I should have chosen a more modest training program. But no, I have to be Mr. AllOrNothing. Moron. And... do your easy runs easy like they are supposed to be. Be smart, like I know you are. Just my $0.02, which is probably more worth -$0.05. ;-)

    Poor kitty. :-( LOL

  3. I hear ya', Rick. My original plan was to peak at at least 50mpw...but I think 45 is a much more reasonable estimate when my longest week to date was only about 35 miles. I have a "best case scenario" time goal, but my *reality* goal is 10-30 minutes slower than that...which is OK. I'll really just be thrilled to be in once piece and in less than 5 hours.

    I hope that your injury turns out to be temporary and that you can pick up and still do your race. You've put in so much work and I'd hate to see you have to bag it at this point.

    And I do hope to do GR at some point...that could make for such a fun MI RA gathering!