Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Well, I don't know about the statistics part, but the calendar is full of lies...damned ones, too. According to the calendar today is the first day of SPRING...coulda fooled me. Tomorrow we are predicted to have snow all day and through the night. Not really all that shocking for Michigan in March...but sheesh. I'm running a 15k Saturday AM and would prefer to not have to deal with snow (hopefully we won't get much measurable snowfall...I don't think we are predicted to, but the only thing predictable about West Michigan weather is its unpredictability). Much of it is on gravel backroads, so adding snow to the mix could be messy...especially if it starts to melt. That concoction of slush + sandy dirt is a recipe for cold, wet, filthy feet.

I'm hoping to PR at this race. My first and only 15k was finished in 1:34:51. Miles were poorly marked, so I had a hard time gauging my pace. Now that I have my Garmin Forerunner GPS (aka "Big Red") I will be better able to pace myself. My goal is to get under 1:30...that's probably fairly modest, too, given that I'd only have to maintain a 9:41m/m pace and my half-marathon pace is faster than that for a longer distance. Though there are reported to be some wicked hills in this race, so we shall see.

Speaking of half marathons, since I won't be able to do any local Fall ones due to marathon training, I'm thinking of doing one in June about 45 minutes north of here. My other option would be a second 15k, but I'd rather work to improve upon my HM PR, since that is a favorite distance and it would be an event that I have yet to run.

In mileage news...as of today I have run over 308 miles since 1/1. Not too shabby. I'm just behind the 1500 mile pace bunny, but once the marathon training starts in earnest that rodent will be eating my dust.

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