An open letter...

...to the loser who very nearly rear-ended me this AM:
Put down the cigarette, quit yakkin' your passenger's ear off, and DRIVE!

On my way taking my DS to school this morning we approached a slowed clump of traffic on the interstate. We were in the left-hand lane...ahead there was a "wide-load" vehicle hauling a train car (that's something one doesn't see every day) in the right lane and ahead in our lane was a large truck hauling gravel or dirt. So there was solid, slow-moving traffic with minimal space between cars for probably a half mile.

Anyhow, as we approach the blob of cars I look in my rear-view mirror to see an older, burgundy sedan approaching the back of my car at a high speed...too fast to easily slow in time (and either side of the interstate is concrete at this stretch of highway, so there is no median for anyone to head for in such a situation). I braced myself for impact and cringed at the sound of squealing tires. In slow motion I witness this moron's vehicle stop just inches from my bumper (and just feet from my child in his booster seat). I also witnessed his passenger freaking the hell out...arms flailing, mouth open in a shriek.

Apparently this was not enough to scare the idiot driver straight, though...oh, no. As soon as he could find breaks in traffic he starts weaving lane to lane in a lame attempt to get ahead of the glut of cars. I think he might have saved himself all of 10 seconds in arriving at his destination. Tool.

In hindsight I wish I would have had the presence of mind to get the incompetent driver's plate #. The fewer jerks like that on the roads, the better. I love my kid and my car and would prefer to keep them both safe and intact.


  1. WHEW! That's always frightening to view in the ole rear-view.

    I usually have my share of weekly close calls driving in and around the Detroit-area 2,000 - 3,000 miles/month. The freeways in the immediate area of the city, especially 94, are the worst with all the truck traffic that frequent them during the day.

    Glad Dane, Zoom-Zoom, and Zoom-Zoom escaped any vehicle to vehicle melee!

  2. It was definitely one of those moments that made the old blood pressure skyrocket. Generally the traffic through the Muskegon area flows smoothly and there are a minimum of dumbass drivers (the same cannot be said for the Holland or GR areas)...but this AM was the exception. I think we were VERY lucky. I seriously don't know how he didn't hit us--I think his passenger was thinking the same thing.

  3. I am glad you guys weren't hit!!! Son of a gun... that is scary stuff.
    We have drivers like that every where in the Atlanta area. They put others at risk to save 10 seconds.

  4. Yeah, I've never understood the rationale that getting one's car a few car lengths ahead of the other guys is of any benefit...unless pissing everyone else off is one's goal.