I really hurt. I knew I would...but even though I could have benefitted from at least 9 hours of sleep I think I got maybe 7. Went to bed a bit later than I needed to and woke up when I found that simply rolling over or changing positions hurt. And ice bath yesterday probably would have done me some good, but the thought of soaking in ice water after racing in the snow and ice was just not appealing in the least.

After yesterday I think I will definitely be registering for the Strider's Saturday Classic 10 miler next month. Last year I thought that hilly race was so tough, but after yesterday's race it sounds like a piece of cake. Hills on dry asphalt are still easier than hills on snow/ice. Plus the first couple of miles of that are flat, as are the last couple, since it's an out-and-back. That race is maybe 6 miles of hills out of the 10, rather than 9.3 out of 9.3. :p

I should go run 3-4 miles...I know it would probably help loosen me up and get my muscles healing faster, but finding the motivation to just get dressed to go out and do it is proving to be a heckuva challenge. Perhaps if I eat something more nutritious than Easter candy and bacon that would help matters...heh.

We need to dye eggs today. I boiled them up yesterday, but just didn't have the energy to deal with dying them.


  1. Ugh. Post-race soreness is the worst! And the best! ;) Doesn't it feel great to know that you're sore from kicking ass in a seriously hard-core race - as opposed to just getting your ass kicked from an easy run?! I remember that feeling. I'll take my post-race (or post 20 mile long run) soreness any day! You deserve the day off!

  2. What Sara said. Great job on the tough race, K! You crack me up... Easter candy and bacon! You also make me feel good too reading stuff like that... I don't feel so bad about my "stellar diet" of Dove chocolate and malted milk ball Robin bird eggs! :)

    I think my friend, Dianna, is still planning on doing the River Run so, if so, I may try and see if I can get in on it as well and we could travel together and, I could possible meet your running eminence. Is Joni planning on running any of those races as well?

  3. Ooh, That would be so awesome if you did Riverbank! Joni's not doing it (to my knowledge), but Eryn/backroadrunner and I are, as well as another local friend (who I have tried to get on RA, but she's an attorney with 3 kids, so she just doesn't have time for the online thing at all).