Patience...it's a virtue...

...or something to that effect.  But why must I be taunted by photos of the shoe I am lusting after that is not due to be available for purchase until 4/1?  There is one online retailer that is already showing these on their website (and appear to be taking orders), even though I doubt they have them in stock.

These flashy shoes (that match my blog and my favorite running skirt quite nicely, I might add) are the New Balance 903--replacement for my beloved, bright cyan 902s. I'm really eager to see how they differ. I have read that they will have increased forefoot cushion and a true wide sole, rather than simply a more generously cut upper. Both sound like great improvements. Not sure that I am fond of the overall cosmetics of the shoe, though. The color is great, but I like the silver trim on my 902s better. I can't tell from this photo, but I wonder if they lost the neat little piece that covers the big toe--I like that little touch.

I'll be interested to see how these shoes work for me over the long haul, too. I've run up to a half-marathon in my 902s, but a full would be a very different beast. I may want something more substantial for that effort.