Proof That Running Makes One Insane

As follows is a list of factors that show how 2 years of regular running and racing has seriously messed with my sanity (which was likely sorta questionable to begin with):

• I'll spend $1/ea. on tiny packets of slimy sugar products with names like "GU" for energy
• Spending a minimum of $90 on new shoes every 2-3 months (~300 miles) doesn't make me flinch
• My best friend thinks she errantly nailed me with a snot rocket .5 mile from the finish of a 15k race and I wasn't the least bit grossed-out
• I've been known to run >3 miles in sub-zero temps and feel hardcore with snotsicles™ running down my face and eyelashes frozen together, rather than stay inside my cozy home eating popcorn and drinking hot cocoa like a sane person would
• I PAY to enter races...normal people don't willingly pay to inflict pain upon themselves
• I feel a mild sense of failure if I don't log at least 100 miles in a given month
• I wear "fanny packs," aka hydration belts, without feeling like a complete dork
• I feel LESS stupid the more my race-day outfit clashes; inversely, the more I coordinate, the bigger a N00B I feel like
• I think I'm cool for wearing a device bigger than a calculator watch on my wrist

Please feel free to comment with your own items of insanity.


  1. How bout... you still want to go out and run the day after a 21 miler even when it feels like someone shreaded your thighs in a meat grinder, took a hammer to your shins, an ice pick to your knees, and a drill bit to your hips, so you don't feel under-prepared for an upcoming marathon.

    Or, you willingly subject your already less than prowess prowess to Seinfeldian-shrinkage via an ice bath after a long long run.


    Hey, I want to change my vote on the above to AUGUST, but that option isn't available.

  2. Ha, I noticed in the past week that the poll votes had been shifting...this Winter seriously is not giving up without a fight. Gah!

    We are crazy to run the day after races and long runs. I made myself do an easy 4 the day after my last race...and it wasn't a bad run, but today's was horrendous. So I'm not sure that my easy run did much to help my muscles recover.

  3. Seriously... we have MORE friggin' snow in the forecast for Thursday and Friday this week!?! What the heck?!?! I'm about ready to puke snow. Gah! At least I had a weeks reprieve in Florida. Man, was THAT nice! Instead of flirting with record snowfalls, we actually had to deal with record high TEMPS (89 last Monday and Tuesday) instead. All good things must come to an end though.

    I didn't run yesterday. I was out on inspections all day - a lot of catching up to do as my work doesn't stop even when I do for vacation - but, am going out shortly, then back out on more inspections since it isn't raining or SNOWING today. My leg is hurting me today. C'est la vie, I guess.

    Have a great day Zoomers!