Rosy Glow

Last night I was looking in the mirror and noticed how pink my cheeks were. I was thinking "ow, that's some serious wind-burn." Then it occurred to me...it wasn't at all windy yesterday--I had some mild SUNBURN! How crazy is that? I don't think I've ever had sunburn in March...mostly because we rarely SEE the sun in March.

Today it is overcast, so no risk of sunburn. Of course, today is a "rest" day, so I'm not going to be outdoors running, anyhow. I really need to make myself go do some core and lower-body work to strengthen some of my weaker support muscles. The laundry is out-of-control, so I need to tackle that and get myself registered for my 15k in a little over a week, too.

What an exciting day... ;)

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