"Shoe Ho" strikes again!

So my beloved New Balance 902s officially have over 100 miles on them...I have at least 200 miles to go before I consider retirement, but at the rate I am increasing my mileage that will not take long--particularly if they are the only pair in rotation. At ~35 miles/week the life-expectancy of my shoes is relatively short. Once I hit official marathon training the useful lifespan of my shoes will only decrease.

And we are in that season where it's not at all unheard of to run through a deluge, so having 2 pairs helps ensure that I always have a dry pair to run in. Since it's at least 2 weeks before the 903s will be shipping and I just got a 20% off coupon from onlineshoes.com I figured today was the day to "pull the trigger" on a different shoe for rotation with my "old" 902s.

I have been researching shoes that are light on stability, higher in flexibility and come in wide widths...but with a little more cush and a bit beefier than my 902s. The new Saucony Progrid Guide fits the bill--at least on paper. I've heard that the Saucony fit is similar to NBs...wide forefoots, narrow heels. I'll be interested to see how these feel out-of-the-box. At least if they don't fit perfectly I don't lose anything. Online Shoes has free shipping and free returns, so no loss. I also picked up some new Smartwool socks (also 20% off--good deal) for warmer weather.

I just wish the wide width model came in something other than white...I hate white shoes. They look dorky new and gross when they are worn. At least colorful shoes seem to retain a good look over the lifespan. I know...silly rant.

Today's run was kinda meh. First 3 miles felt stiff and sore. Last mile was decent. I think I was still pretty beat-up from last week. I have 2 easy runs the next 2 days, then a rest day, then a short run Friday to loosen-up before my 15k on Sat. I just hope I feel a bit less under the weather. I think my allergies are kicking in. All this "warmer" weather has almost certainly kicked the mold growth outdoors into high gear. My mom is miserable, too, and has had official allergy testing (mold, dust mites, cats...yeah, cats. Gah).

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