Shoo...be gone with you!

Stupid snow...stupid Winter weather on the second day of Spring. Looks like I will be bringing and likely wearing my YakTrax for tomorrow's 15k. Gah. I had hoped to PR, but now it's doubtful. Running a long distance in YakTrax can be kind of uncomfortable, too. Poo.

DH took my snow tires off already, too...so the drive to pick DS up from school was really hairy. Normally takes about 30 minutes, but I think it was almost twice that, especially for the drive home when the roads were really slick. I'm normally a very confident driver, but not when I see 2 SUVs that had obviously rolled being towed. Also stalled pulling into DS's school parking lot. Manual transmission is fantastic on bad roads, but sometimes putting it in a high enough gear to keep the wheel torque low to avoid sliding can also stall the car (doesn't happen with my snow tires, but our "all seasons" are complete garbage on Wintery roads).

My new shoes arrived...but I'm thinking I might want to go a half size up, so I ordered the next half-size up for comparison. They are a hair short, a hair narrow and the arch feels like it's back a teensy bit far...so the next size up should work better. I think they will work well, though. Nice, soft feel, lightweight, snug heel. 

Got a 20% off coupon with my order to share for anyone in need of new shoes (running or otherwise):
Promo code: 8ANNIVBX @ checkout. Valid on one regularly priced item (some exclusions).
Expires 3/31/08

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