Spring Forward

*yawn* Thank heavens for coffee!

I hate "losing" that hour...I love that it stays light later and makes it possible for DH and I to workout later in the day...but getting up when it's still very dark is kinda miserable. I know I will probably like it this Summer, though. Chances are we will have Dane do 2-3 days/week of "Summer Camp" at his old Montessori school. I will get training runs in while he is occupied. Ideally I will be doing my long runs on these days, leaving shortly after dropping him off. I'm expecting my longest runs to take about 4 hours and will definitely want to get them in before the day heats up too miserably.

I need to get a 5 miler in today, then home to shower and down to pick up Dane from school. The sun is out and it's gorgeous. AND we finally took the snow tires off of "Dash" the wonder car. I have a free premium car wash certificate to use, so I think maybe Dane and I will go get the worst of the Winter snow and gunk cleaned-off our pretty car with its sparkly alloy wheels...nice to not have those fugly steelies on.

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  1. I feel the same way about the time change... love the longer days in the evening, dislike the less light in the morning. I am so glad for spring to be rolling around though! Yea!