Haven't slept well the past few nights...I swear the full moon messes with me. I think the time change and sunlight later in the day is not helping...still seem to be adapting to that. Gah, I'm like an old woman set in her ways.

Sitting here waiting for my new Saucony shoes to arrive. According to UPS tracking they are "out for delivery." I hope they get here within the next hour. I have to pick up DS from school today, so even though I'm doing just a really short 2.5-3 miles, I still need to get on it fairly soon. I'd like to be able to give my new shoes a trial run (won't wear them for tomorrow's race, or anything, but nice to do just short runs in a brand new model before attempting anything longer). I thought I heard the truck, but it was just a garbage truck a block away.

Tonite DH is working a stand (to raise money for his JDRF bike ride trip in Oct.) at a High School Musical performance. He is very brave. He worked a stand at a Hannah Montana concert a few months back, too. He is hardcore.

Still not seeing any days reaching 50ºF in the next 10 day forecast...41º for the high is the warmest prediction...sheesh. Some of you voters in my poll may want to go ahead and change your votes. :(


  1. Hi Zoom-Zoom,
    I know you from Runningahead. This was the first time to check out your new blog. I wanted to comment on your JDRF association. Do you know someone with type 1 diabetes? My 20-yr old son was diagnosed at 18, so I have a special interest in diabetes. Thank DH for raising money for JDRF! Al

  2. Hi, Al...

    We actually didn't know anyone with type 1 when DH first started riding with our regional JDRF group (this year will be his 4th fund-raising ride). Now we have many friends and children of friends who are type 1.

    Derek first joined up with our West MI chapter when he bought his roadbike...he wanted good incentive to use his bike a lot and his company does equal match donations to whatever funds he raises. Now his reason for taking part in the rides is to spend time with and help friends. Even if a cure were found tomorrow he'd still be riding with this great group of folks.