That wasn't so bad, now, was it...?

I was kinda dreading today's 8 miler. My runs since my race a week ago have been really kind of uncomfortable. The last 3 miles of my long 13 miler on Weds. were particularly rough--a bit of too-much-too-soon after the race.

Plus my new shoes arrived, so I wanted to get a run in in those--but 8 miles in a brand new shoe (particularly a brand new model) is generally not a great idea. So I threw caution to the wind, laced-up the new shoes, and went. And it was good (the new Saucony Progrid Guides are nice...very cushy, light, flexible. Beefier than my NB 902s, but not overly controlling). About a minute/mile faster than my typical pace for a run that distance. And this is after not sleeping particularly well last night. Amazing how energizing the sunshine can be.

I'll be plugging away at another 5 tomorrow. Normally Sundays are a rest day, but this week is going to be kind of messed-up with DS's parent/teacher conferences and half-days all week. We're going to try to get to Meijer Gardens some afternoon this week for the live butterflies exhibit since Dane will have afternoons off.

In other thrilling news...Bell's Oberon is back in stores for the warmer 6 months (woot!), so brats and beer are for dinner! :D


  1. Cool! I'm glad to hear the new Sauconys served you well in your first run in them, especially a mid-long run! That's awesome! I think those will be Tammy's next new pair of shoes as well and, I will likely try on the men's too. I've heard nothing but good things about them.

    The butterfly exhibit sounds cool! We've never been to the Meijer Gardens, but I would like to some day.

    I'll have to see if the local retailers have Bell's. Where do you buy it at? We have Kroger and Meijer here. As you know, I'm a guarded drinker, but I do now enjoy having a good beer or two now and again. None of that binge-drinking with Bud Light any more! Those were horrible days...

    Don't overwork yourself on your runs. ;-)

  2. Meijer should have Bells--at least the ones over here do.

    Meijer Gardens is amazing...we have a family membership. We probably go 3-4x every year. Great art exhibits, too.

    I'm loving those Sauconys a bit less today. I like the shoe, overall, but the heels come up so high that I'm getting a small raw spot on my left achilles. Hopefully once they break-in this won't be an issue. I think I'd go back a half size down for Summer, too. The 8s were a tad snug, but right now I'm still in a warmer/heavier sock--I think the 8.5s will be too loose with my usual warm weather socks. I'm kinda in-between the 8 and 8.5.