These are a few of my favorite hacks...

As my readers (this makes me chuckle...like I am such an elite blogger to have "readers"...*said in a snooty voice*) have probably noticed I have been having a lot of fun customizing my blog. My latest fun widget is the calendar in the right-hand column. The author of that hack is also responsible for that way cool label (tag) cloud at the bottom of the page.

I must say that I am insanely jealous of folks who have a knack with HTML, Javascript, and CSS coding. My own HTML skills are so completely basic and laughable that I have a very hard time saying "I know HTML," 'cause my knowledge of the language is mostly of cutting, pasting, tweaking until I stumble upon the desired result or just plain give up. If I actually had to sit down and code even the most basic page from scratch I'd be stuck...I don't actually know the basic elements to state the type of code and all that jazz...I just copy it from other pieces of source code and cross my fingers... :P

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