This week in training...(week of 3/2)

I've been thinking that since I will be doing structured training for 2 "big" races this year (25k and marathon) that I should try to post weekly commentary about my mileage, run quality, weather, etc.  I always enjoy reading these sorts of things from my friends who are training for their own goal events.

Anyhow...this week I have logged 19 miles in the form of a couple of easy 4 milers and yesterday's 11 miler.  I threw in some strides for the last mile of one of my short runs...that felt really good.  Nothing like having dry, snow and ice-free (mostly) asphalt to see what my legs can do after a Winter of slogging along on messy roads.

Yesterday's run was uneventful.  Nice to not have to wear YakTrax...though it was one of those runs where I never found my "groove."  I felt like I was warming up the entire distance...which kinda sucked.  I was still stiff and sore by the time I arrived back home 2 hours later.  I fully expected to have angry knees and hips today, but I feel surprisingly limber for the day after a long run.  Guess I showed my body who's boss, huh...?

Tomorrow I am planning to do ~4 miles of speedwork (whoo hoo!) with a couple faster paced miles thrown in.  On Sat. AM I am planning to go run with a local running club and a friend of mine who runs about my pace.  She is doing most of the same Spring/Summer runs that I am.

Next week will be about the same mileage, only I plan to add a mile to my long run.