A well-deserved rest

I finished out this past week with 33 miles...I had planned to do 32, but instead of an easy 7 yesterday I ran 8...a hard 8, too. Even though I had planned to run very easy (partly because I needed to just run sort of a medium-length distance of recovery miles, but also because I was feeling a bit under the weather), a local running buddy of mine called and wanted to do 8--her long run for the week. So I figured it would be nice to run with her. Of course, I went knowing that she has a bad habit of running all of her training runs all-out (and deals with injuries quite often...hmmm...). Her race paces aren't usually more than 30-60 seconds faster than her training paces...when they should be closer to a 2 minute difference.

I had planned to run ~11-11.5 m/mile pace, but we did under 10.5. I was hurtin'. That was really brutal the day after a hard 4 miler of hills...and the 8 miler had a handful of good hills, too. So around 4am I was hitting the ibuprofen.

Today I am enjoying doing nothing more strenuous than laundry. I might lift a beer to my mouth, too...12oz curls.

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