Anticipating my first DNS/DNF

I am STILL sick as a dog (where did that phrase originate, I wonder...?). I feel like I'm living on Mucinex, Sudafed PE, acetominophen, Benadryl, diluted OJ, and anything else to help clear my head. And yesterday I even broke down and purchased a neti pot. I am hyper prone to sinus infections and have already been on antibiotics twice since Thanksgiving (last time was in mid January, IIRC). Hopefully this can help keep the "swamp of slime" in my head from growing not-so-nice bacteria. This AM I couldn't get the salt water to drain through the serious blockage, though.

Things are in my lungs, too, so I haven't run since my 7 miler on Monday--today is day 3 of no running. Were the evil just in my head I'd go for an easy run, but asthma + chest cold = no running for this sickly chick. Right now my running that 10 mile race is not looking real likely. Even if I am feeling significantly better, I am so short on sleep. I'd worry that I'd run myself ragged enough to have a rebound illness, which is the last thing I need with my 25k in just over 3 weeks.

I think what's annoying me most about all of this is that I had just passed the 1500 mile pace bunny last week...took me almost 3 months to do that after I was laid-up for a week with my last respiratory bug. Now that wily bastard is in front of me, again. *sigh* This was also my only planned 10 mile race for the year and my only shot at a new PR for that distance. Oh well...there's always 2009....


  1. Better to pass on the 10 miler, get well, and crush the 25k River Run, than to drive yourself into a hole you have a harder time getting yourself out of and not do well in EITHER race.

    Rest and get well Zoomy! You'll get back at the varmit-chasin' soon enough. That wabbit don't have the fortitude you do. ;-)

  2. Yep...better to sacrifice one race than have 2 miserable ones.

    I has fortitude...intestinal fortitude! ;)