April showers bring May flowers...

...but they really stink when the forecast for the next 3 days includes non-stop rain (with some snow mixed in for Sunday...snow, another 4-letter word) and I have TWO brand new pair of shoes I want to throw into rotation. Bah. :P

Rick, I hope the weather for your marathon is not too wet. Freckles on RA also says rain is in the forecast for the London Marathon, but she's Scottish, so a little rain never bothered her. ;) You both are going to do so well and make us proud! :)


  1. Thanks Zoomy. There may even be a little snow fall around or just before race time. How fitting after this winter, eh?

    Thanks so much for your support. You've been awesome and I really appreciate it! ;-)

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Stupid neverending Winter...gah!

    Just 2 more days! In 48 hours you will be miles into your race, already. I have butterflies in my tummy for you!