The end is in sight

At least the end to this respiratory evil I'm battling. Of course, I would have to be sick when it is GORGEOUS outside. I couldn't be sick last week when it was cold, rainy, nasty...oh, heavens no. *rolls eyes* I think it is supposed to be kinda rainy this weekend--just in time for me to feel well enough to get back on schedule with my running training. Bah.

I've pretty much decided that I won't be doing tomorrow's 10 mile race. I probably could trudge my way through it, but at what expense? I'll likely still be a bit under the weather and I think racing under those circumstances could be recipe for rebound illness. And the ultimate goal of my current training cycle is a 25k in 3 weeks. As much as I'd like a new 10 mile PR, I'm doubting it would happen with my compromised respiratory system and it's not worth the risk of potentially screwing myself out of another week of training. Were I not asthmatic I might consider running tomorrow, but I do have a crappy pair of lungs, so I need to work best with my circumstances.

So tomorrow I am hoping to do an easy 5-8 miles. That would give me a mere 7-15 miles for the week, but that's still better than that week in Jan. where I managed 0 miles in a 7 day period thanks to the flu and subsequent sinus infection. I really think that neti pot is helping with the sinus issues, though I was so blocked-up for most of yesterday that I couldn't get the water to flow through.

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