Freak Out!

No...not a disco tune, but the realization that my first marathon is 6 months from today...ack!

Carry on...

Got something cool in the mail today--the medal from my 3rd place AG 15k race 2 weeks ago. It's kinda lame...doesn't say what place it's for, date, or what distance (they must have gotten all generic medals for both 5k and 15k), but it's a medal all the same. Most people on the course do not have one. I may never again place in my AG, so it's still damned cool.

Had a nice 8 miler this afternoon. Amazing weather...mid 50s, some wind, but it was welcome wind, not "wind chill" wind. I was overdressed in my 3/4 length tights and short sleeved shirt. I didn't mind, though. Better to be a little too warm than a little too cold even while wearing eleventy layers.

Guess it's almost skirt weather, but my legs are still the color of raw bratwurst. I know tanning is so bad, but I am tempted to get a one-month tanning package just for some color. Plus I have found that there is NO sweat-proof sunscreen on this girl. Can't use it on my face since it's in my eyes within minutes and can't run when my eyes are burning. Anywhere else it sweats right off and I still end up sunburned--at least a little tan keeps me from getting a lot burned on my long Spring runs.


  1. Anticipation is half of the fun, k. Runnin' all dem miles in preparation is the other half!

    Congrats on the AG place and medal. I'll never pull one of those down... guys 40 - 50 are just too dang fast and many of them have been running since highschool. I was too busy killing braincells to run back then. :)

    I actually had a laughing outburst on the bratwurst comment. I know what you mean though about the sunscreen. I think you made a comment somewhere recently about skin cancer being inevitable for most of us at some point. I would agree growing up fishing on the water ALL the time or camping and being outside all the time in my childhood and never using sunscreen. I remember one summer, we camped at Waffle Farms in Coldwater, Michigan and fished and boated all summer and I think I lost like a dozen layers of skin on my nose that summer. It was actually raw to cartilage for much of the summer and I ended putting that zinc oxide on it to totally block the sun.

    Now with running, I'm with you... I can't put sunscreen/block on my face, because it gets in my eyes and I totally can't see. I'll have to do the best that I can with a hat and get my nose, ears, and cheeks with sunscreen, but anything above my eyes just won't work.

  2. Yup...I always wear a hat--as much to help wick sweat to keep THAT out of my eyes as anything. But the brim also helps protect my eyes, along with my sunglasses. The rest of me...well, a gentle tan may not be any healthier than the burns, but at least it doesn't hurt.

    did worked in my great uncle's cherry orchard one summer driving tractor...he had a hell of a tan by the end of Summer, but he also suffered some bad burns and will likely pay for that one day.

  3. Hi, just stopping by. Like your blog and your writing style.

    Wow, you are zoomy. Congrats on your medal.

  4. Thanks! I bookmarked your feed a week or so ago, too, and have been following your blog. It's really a treat to read of the trials and celebrations of runners from all over the world. Such a fantastic community. :)

  5. Hey, try out some of the gradual tanning lotion! I swear, it has worked wonders for me AND it doesn't give you skin cancer. As far as I know... :)
    You just put it on once or twice idea and it looks pretty natural. And if it doesn't work, you can always resort to fake bake.