Long Week -- TGIF

TGIF, indeed. This week really has felt long. I am still battling the lingering effects of that wicked cold from last week. Mostly in my lungs. Unfortunately bad asthmatic lungs and running are sort of incompatible. I have managed my runs this week, but not with any degree of comfort relative to where I was pre-cold. Today I have a 5 mile speed workout on the calendar that will almost certainly be converted to an easy run. I'm too close to my 25k race to risk any sort of relapse illness.

I also "ran" into a shoe issue with my new NB 903s. They are so much more generous through the toebox than my beloved 902s that I apparently started working my toes a lot more during my long run mid-week. By the time I hit 10 miles or so my arches were really sore from all that additional muscle work (and they still hurt a bit 2 days later). I also was developing some hot spots, even after using Blister Shield powder (which I like to do with new shoes for my first few long runs, just to avoid any problems before the shoe has conformed well to my foot). Every pair of NB shoes I've worn over the last 2 years has been a size 8D (with the exception of those ill-fitting spiked Winter trainers), but yesterday I returned my new shoes for the next half-size down.

As they weren't in stock the store had to special order them for me...so I am back to my 902s for the duration of my 25k training and the race. I have well over 200 miles on my newest pair, so I am pulling my first pair with 325 miles out of retirement for some short runs in the next couple of weeks--trying to keep my newer pair fresher for the race. Shouldn't be a problem, as I retired the first pair before I had any issues, just to be on the safe side. I'd never gotten over 300 miles out of a pair of shoes before the 902, so I'm still a bit wary of going much beyond that mileage mark on any shoe.

Yesterday was a rest day and I spent it running down to Grand Rapids to exchange my shoes, then back up to Muskegon for lunch with a friend. That was really nice. We sat at Logan's for probably an hour or so and caught up. I ran a few other errands, then picked DS up from school.

After today's run I will head back down to DS's school for a surprise baby shower for one of his teachers. The teacher is male and his wife is in on it. We checked their registry at Target and picked up an inexpensive CD boom box that was on the list. In addition to that we are giving them a homemade CD of "sleepy songs" that Dane likes. Dane has had music playing softly in his room every night since he was born. I really hope his teacher's new baby (due in the next couple of weeks) sleeps soundly with gentle tunes, too.


  1. I hope the "cruddies" evacuate you soon and you can enjoy the good runs you were having pre-illness.

    I won't be running anything at the River Bank Runs, but I will be there. I have an MRI scheduled for next Tuesday evening for my leg. It is still giving me quite a bit of pain, especially yesterday after having been out and about on it all day. It was aching like crazy. GAH! Hopefully something will show on the MRI that they can tell me what to do for it.

    Have a good weekend. Tam and I are heading to a B&B in Amish country in central Ohio with another couple for the weekend.

  2. Ooh, enjoy your weekend! I hope your MRI goes well and no serious injury is detected. I'm sorry your leg is still causing you so much pain...dumb leg! Tell it to HTFU, already! :)

  3. TGIF indeed. Hope your shoe issues work themselves out. It sucks that the 903s weren't the perfect shoe after all. Maybe the new size will do the trick. Hope you have a great weekend and some good runs!