Mileage Milestone

This past week I had my highest mileage week ever...I think I finished out my 10 mile run yesterday with 38.2 miles for the week...or something right around there. Pretty awesome considering I spent most of my runs coughing up at least one lung. The rest of my body feels fantastic...no pain. A year ago I think I was up to about 35 miles/week and felt like I'd been beaten with a 2x4. I think maintaining ~30 miles/week all Winter long was key. The previous Winter my mileage was in the 20-25mpw range.

This week I am hoping to top out at 40 miles, then the following week will be a bit of a taper in preparation for my 25k the day before Mother's Day (heh, and Mother's Day will find me replenishing the calories I burned in the race...and then some. We'll do the awesome all-you-can-eat brunch at a nearby resort. Again I will request main floor seating, as stairs will not be welcome the day after a major race). Shouldn't be too bad as my lungs heal from my recent respiratory bug. Today marks 2 weeks since I first felt the cold coming on. Hopefully I can stay healthy through the race day. Then I have about 3 weeks of recovery and reduced mileage before I officially start marathon training on June 1.

Today I need to get back to the abs and quads workouts that I had started to do before I fell ill. I find that by the end of my long runs that I sometimes have a hard time remaining upright and once my posture goes the wheels often start to fall off. I also need to strengthen my quads to help keep my kneecaps tracking happily.


  1. Great job on the mileage milestone! Especially considering you probably weren't feeling up to getting out on your runs due to your ickies! Way to HTFU!

    Gosh, in just a few scant months you'll be in the 40 - 50 mile range. How exciting! :)

  2. Thanks! And you're right...40-50 no longer seem as daunting as they once did. :)

  3. Woo Hoo on mileage!! That's some serious miles -- especially while you've been sick. That was about my peak during marathon training. You are SO ready for a marathon, girl. You're going to be amazing. I'm seriously thinking of skipping my half and coming up there to cheer you on...you're going to rock it!!

  4. I think you should come RUN my marathon with me, girl! :D