Pain in the butt!

Yesterday I started back up with some strength training for my legs and abs. Lately I have found that my knees are a little creaky and on the end of long runs I start feeling like I can't hold my torso upright any more. A year ago I was not having these issues, as last Winter I was doing 2-3 days of pretty heavy duty full-body strength training (Cathe Friedrich). I didn't do any strength training this Winter, since I was running 5 days/week, instead of 4...and mostly because I got kinda sick of having to be constantly setting my equipment up and then tearing down when I would finish (our living room is really small...one must-have for our next home is a dedicated space for a home gym of sorts).

So yesterday I did one of the abs segments and one of the legs segments of an older, intermediate DVD of mine (Tamilee Webb's "I Want That Body"). This DVD is produced by the "Buns of Steel" woman. So today my abs are nicely sore and my butt is killing me! I really need to be working my quads more to help keep my kneecaps tracking smoother, so I won a P90X legs/back DVD on eBay that I have heard good things about. I won't likely be able to do the back portions, since they require a pull-up bar...I think hung off of a door. But the legs segments will be good and there is apparently an ab workout on the DVD, as well. I may also look into some pilates workouts in the future, too.

A couple of nights ago we rented "Once"--the movie with the Oscar-winning song, "Falling Slowly." Beautiful film. Sweet, simple, emotional story, great acting...beautiful music (all with a budget of a mere $100k...shows what can be done so well and for so little money). Rumor has it the couple in the film (Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova) are romantically involved IRL, as well. I had downloaded "Falling Slowly" off of iTunes, but after watching the film was so impressed by the music that I added the rest of the album.

This week DS is on Spring break. A YMCA camp near us has a great 9-5 program M-F to keep kids entertained over the break. So he's doing that this week. I dropped him off this AM and he was eager to get playing and working on art projects. He's really going to have such a great time. There may be kids from his current school or his old Montessori kindergarten there (the camp directors' kids went to his kindergarten), too, so that will be an extra treat for him.


  1. Good idea to start up the strenght training again in addition to your running. I wish I had combined it with mine. I'll wait till after Sunday though and see if I can't get ripped at least a little bit like Marcus. :)

    Course, I'm older and my definition of ripped is just one less layer of fat on my belly. Heh.

    Hope you're enjoying the weather!

  2. Gah, my butt and belly STILL hurt today! Man, I had no idea how out-of-shape those areas are. Of course, I hold out no hope of ever having abs like Marcus or Pam...I'd have to lose probably 30#s of body fat just to get close. Given that I have been fighting the same 15-20 for something like 4 years now I don't see it happening...


  3. You're fit... that's really what matters most. ;-)