Sick and tired...

...of being sick and tired.

Overnight the temps plummeted 30-40º. As often happens this time of year, a drastic change in the weather seems to bring on new allergy/sinus issues. I woke at 8:30 with my eyes almost glued shut and a lot more gunk in my head and chest. Took a couple of Benadryl and crawled back into bed...though DS was determined to not actually let me fall back to sleep.

The Benadryl is finally wearing off 5 hours after I took it and I just re-dosed myself on Mucinex and Delsym cough-suppressant. I know taking cough suppressants is generally not all the helpful in terms of getting rid of an illness, but I am exhausted from the coughing. Ever since DH and I both had bad bronchitis maybe a decade ago we have found that any sort of chest cold/cough can take weeks to clear out. Right now I'd say my lung function is only about 70-80% (with the asthma issues my lungs are pretty pathetic, to begin with). Hopefully this gunk will be fully out of my system for my 25k race in 2 weeks.

In a couple of hours I'm hoping to go run 10 miles or so. DH is helping with a scrap metal drive to benefit our JDRF chapter, so I'll head out when he returns. I wish the wind would die down a bit before then, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. At least the humidity is lower. I liked the warmer weather we had in the past week, but the increase in humidity did my lungs no favors.

Yesterday's baby shower at DS's school was really fun. His teacher was surprised and the kids really had a great time.

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