*snurfle* *sneeze* *wheeze* :P

Last week was my highest mileage week ever (37.5 miles). I finished feeling strong and free from any noticeable aches or pains. How am I rewarded for this...by coming down with a cold Sunday night. Yesterday I managed a decent 7 miler in my brand new NB 903s (best first run in a shoe...EVER. I swear NB made a mold of my foot to design the women's size 8D/wide off of), but I definitely felt weak. Last night I "slept" terribly...tossed and turned, alternated between chills and sweats. I went to bed around 9:30 and hoped to catch up on some sleep deficit (bad habit of staying up too late on the weekends, then not sleeping-in to make up for it). That was a futile effort.

So I am bagging my planned easy 4 miler today. I have a 10 mile race on Sat. and I need to be healthy for that (can't kick my PR in the butt if I'm sickly). This week's running plan is scaled-back, anyhow. Next week I am hoping to peak at 40 miles in preparation for my 25k in 3.5 weeks.

Rick posted his Glass City Marathon race report. I'm so proud of my friend...he HTFUd when a lot of folks would have called it a day and DNFd. WTG, man! :)


  1. Boo!! I hope you feel better soon. I think it's this crappy weather. It's still rainy, cold and nasty here. I can't believe it's half way through April and we've had maybe 3 good weather days so far this year. Unbelievable.

    Good luck on your race this weekend. I'll be laying on a beach in Cabo thinking about you!! Sorry to rub that in, I'm just so damn excited! :)

  2. Cabo...man, you deserve that after rocking your marathon! :D

  3. Get rested and get well, Zoomy! You've been doing so awesome! Keep it up, but in a restful kinda way. LOL

    Thanks for the kudos. I know at least one other person that wouldn't have quit either... you.

  4. Awww...thanks, friend.

    Though I must admit that it was MUCH easier being sick in Jan. when the weather was so yucko. Right now I'm miserable, as things have moved into my chest and the sun is shining. I just hope this stuff has passed in time for my race on Sat.

    And I finally caught back up to and passed the 1500 mile bunny last week... *cries*