*sniffle* *snort* *hack* *wheeze*

So I did, indeed, skip my planned 10 mile race yesterday. Instead I did an easy 5...well, it was at an easy pace, but it was not easy. I did 3.5 today that I think felt even harder. My lungs are just shot. But at least my sinuses finally seem to be clearing (and may I just say that the nature of the "stuff" coming out of my head looks more like something from an episode of The X-Files (aside: I am completely geeked that a new movie is to be released) than from the body of a relatively healthy, living human. I have a feeling I will sleep much better tonite than I have in almost a week. My throat is still raw, mostly from having to breathe through my mouth constantly.

Tomorrow is an off day (going to help chaperone a field trip with my son's class), then a 5 on Tues. and another long run (probably 15) on Weds. I have a feeling by then I am going to be feeling much better AND desperate for a really good run. Even the last two days had my legs really rarin' to go hard, but my entire respiratory system put the kibosh on that, for certain.

Today I did my second run in my new pair of NB 768s. Yeah...I don't think they are going to work all that much better for me than my 767s did by my 4th pair. My legs/feet have just gotten too strong and well-adapted to the very slight control of the 902/903, or something...now I feel like I'm fighting against "too much shoe." Yesterday I did my second run in my new 903s and they felt like heaven. I don't even think it's so much the difference in stability (which is not all that great, I don't believe), but the difference in flexibility. My arches hurt in the 768s--I really think my forefoot needs to flex more than the 768 allows. So unless something changes drastically I'm pretty sure the 903 will be my marathon shoe...and I think my days of rotating more than one model of shoe are over. I guess I can just be thankful that the one shoe that works for me works as well as it does. Now to keep my fingers crossed that they continue to work well for runs of over 15 miles. Eek.

A couple of nights ago we rented Sweeny Todd. Wow...is there anything Johnny Depp can't do? Seriously. Very good film. And I still adore Helena Bonham Carter, too.


  1. Kirsten-
    Hope the week has you feeling better and you are out for your 15 mile run right now!!

  2. Thanks, Alan! I AM feeling better...much better. Still coughing a bit and a little nasal-y, but I'm hoping to do at least 14-15 in a little bit. :D

  3. I see you ran 14.1- how was it? I can't even imagine running that far right now- you rock!!

  4. Ha, pretty craptacular, actually. ;) My new shoes are a little too long (update of my favorite shoe and they are a good deal more generous in fit), so apparently my toes were working harder...which made my arches hurt. By about mile 10 I was starting to really feel it (shoes were returned today and a new pair a half size smaller ordered).

    The lungs were pretty cranky, too, so I took it slow. Was a gorgeous day, though. We're supposed to have a week of cold starting tonite, so it was nice to enjoy that almost early-Summer weather while it lasted.