Stuff White People Like

This blog never fails to crack me up, but I can particularly identify with today's entry, New Balance shoes. Though the primary reason I wear them is not that they are made in the US (and the models I wear are made in Asia, I believe...I think only a few models are truly made on US soil and I'm pretty sure all of their apparel is made overseas, as well), but because I have dumbass duck-feet. Narrow heel...WIDE forefoot. Other manufacturers make some models in wides, but I haven't had luck with them (Asics weren't wide enough in the forefoot, but too roomy in the heel, Sauconys rubbed my left achilles raw)...so NBs it is. Plus ALL of their models are available in wides, so I don't have to look at a shoe that appears perfect on paper, then discover that it won't fit my foot.

Several of my online friends are running Boston, today...and some have already finished. To those already across the finish line--NICE job! To those still running your hearts out, keep it up...I'm cheering for you from my keyboard! You rock!!! :D


  1. Perhaps someday you and I will be towing the line in a waaaaaaay back corral in Boston. Hey! I can dream! ;-)

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this blog!! OMG!! So funny...cuz it's true.