Wind Blows

Did a rough 14 miler today (made all the more challenging by some steady 20mph winds from the south). Last week's 13 was tough, too. All Winter I maintained weekly long runs of 10-11 miles...relatively easy after coming off of a couple of half-marathons in the Fall. My 12 miler a few weeks back was great. But 13+ is kicking my butt. What gives? Right now the thought of training for and running a marathon is kinda freaking me out. Heck, a 25k is not looking all that manageable at the moment, even though I've BTDT.

Oh, and my promise to tell about my mid-run "mooning" yesterday. Not much to tell...I just had to run before my coffee had fully done its job and even as I started was feeling my bladder complaining. By 2 miles in I was desperate, especially as I still had 2 miles to go. Decided to duck behind the bandshell adjacent to the marina. When I started my squat there were no cars in the marina lot. Just as soon as I was finishing-up a truck pulls in...fully in view of my "toilet." Sheesh, sometimes I wish I were a guy.

In gear news...the update to my favorite shoe is out--the NB 903. Unfortunately a lot of online retailers don't have it yet. I'd love to order from Holabird Sports, since they have it $20 cheaper than everyone else, but they are only carrying the men's version...WTF is up with that?! I e-mailed last night to find out if I could get this from them...have yet to hear back. Way to alienate your female customers, folks. I may need to just bite the bullet and pay more for the shoes, since my 902s are approaching 200 miles and I need to get a new pair in rotation to break in well before a couple of major Spring races.

In other shoe news: I've done a couple of runs in my new Saucony Progrid Guides. My first 8 mile run was pretty great. Nice, lighter-weight shoe, good cushion, perfect stability. By the end I thought maybe my left achilles was a little chafed, but nothing bad. The next day I did 5 and by the time I was home my achilles was a little raw and bleeding. Crap. Apparently this is not all that uncommon for a lot of folks with Saucony shoes. They hug the heel nicely, so no slippage--but the top of the rear of the shoe is quite high and cuts in a bit. Hopefully they will eventually work themselves out. If not I will send them back to OnlineShoes.com, where I purchased them. They have a great 90 day "no questions asked" warranty (which I had to use before under similar conditions). I hate to send back a shoe that they can't resell, but if I can't wear them...


  1. If the shoe does not fit... you must acquit. Oh wait, that was something else. Dang, I'm disappointed to hear about the heel in your Saucony's. I was hoping to maybe give them a try and, I think Tammy would like them as well.

    Way to go on your 14. Don't sweat the distances past 12... they'll get better/easier in your training. They're like any other run too, sometimes they go well and sometimes they don't. You'll do just fine. Just take them easy.

    I'm stoked we'll be headin' up to GR for the Riverbank Runs. I think Tammy is going to register for the 5k and our friend Dianna is running the 25k. If I feel ok after the marathon and think I can tolerate it, I'll run the 25k as well. I'll be there regardless though. Yea!

  2. Hey, if you don't feel up to the 25k you could always take a crack at the new 10k distance.


    Today I made up for the crummy Saucony issues...I went to the nearest NB store (in GR) and picked up a pair of 903s (*LOVE*) and tried on a pair of 768s. Seems like the things that were causing me issues with my 767s have been corrected, so I bought a pair online for a good price (almost $20 cheaper than at the NB store, free shipping).

    I think most of my problems with the Saucony were due to my weird feet...short legs, cankles. I have had similar issues before--with a NB shoe. Anything that has a very high heel tab is bad news for me. Give it a try. Nice shoe, otherwise. Very soft, cushy.

  3. Bah! I just noticed the punny title to your post! Your such a twit... errr... wit! ;-)

    Thanks for the info on the Saucony's and clarification on your irregular feets. Tammy really needs cushy shoes so, these might do the trick for her. Back in the day, the ASICS Gel Nimbus, I think they were 7's or 8's, worked well for here, but they change the dang makeup of the shoes sometimes when they update the models and screw them up! Grrr.

    I don't think I'll do the 10k, I think I'd tear myself up worse with that trying to race it hard. If I run the 25k, I'll just be running it easy so, although the distance is significantly longer, I think it would actually be easier on my legs. I want to be good and healed up before I run the shorter races (5 & 10k) cause I want to try and PR them the next time I run them. :)

    Have a great weekend! The weather is supposed to be slendid here.

  4. Another benefit of the 25k is that it is so large and social. Last year I could have pushed myself harder, but there were so many nice folks to chat with and the weather was gorgeous--really killed my urge to crank out a hard race.

  5. Oh, hey, I was gonna ask you if you could add to your poll, couch to refrigerator? That's my absolute favorite.

    Sounds like a wonderful race... the 25k Riverrun that is.