So tired. I didn't sleep well at all last night (tossed and turned for 5-6 hours, then I couldn't get comfortable and 4 feline furbags got noisy and antsy). So what did I do today...I ran 15. I was dreading it, too. Usually poor sleep = horrendous runs. I was expecting at least 2:45 of utter misery.

Instead I was rewarded with 2:35 of consciously working to keep my speed in check (can I just say how much I love my Garmin Forerunner 305...such a fantastic training tool and those little alerts at each mile are such sweet motivation--like my own personal cheerleader) and running at a faster pace than my 25k race from almost a year ago. Barring anything unexpected my previous PR is going DOWN in a month! :D

It was a bit nippy out. I originally planned to wear 3/4 length tights and a long sleeved top, but after dropping DS off at Spring break camp I decided that with the wind that wouldn't be warm enough. So I changed into my midweight thermal tights and a thermal top. Perfect. Windchill was ~freezing, so I definitely would have been a little cold in the lighter-weight stuff.

I think I realized why my last 2 runs were so miserable, too. I had taken one energy gel for each of those runs, usually 4 miles from the end. Today I decided to take one at mile 6 and one at 11. MUCH better. I know that--in theory--a person should be able to run a marathon without any added calories...but I wonder who these people are (I'm guessing fast, slim types with ideal diets--I am none of those things...and trying to lose weight, so I keep my calories lower when I can to try to drop a pound here and there).

I fuel up well in the day or two before my long runs (carbs--both simple and complex/slow-burn), protein, fats...well hydrated, but I still seem to need a gel for anything longer than 11 or 12 miles (on those shorter "long" runs I have Gatorade for hydration and fuel). Add another mile or two and it seems 2 is the magic number. I'm guessing for a marathon I'd be looking at probably 4. I'll definitely be trying some different strategies over the months of training for that. I'd love to be one of those efficient fuelers, but I tend towards hypoglycemia, so maybe that's a factor. It would make sense, I suppose.

Now I am "refueling" with a bottle of Bell's Oberon. :)


  1. You make me tired just talking about all of this running.. I am such a slacker..

  2. Are you kidding? Moms of elementary school boys can never be slackers--it's just not possible!



  3. Well done, k! It's so satisfying when you think a run is not going to go well due to whatever circumstances and it does anyway! Kudos for you! I pray they keep going that way for you.

    Fueling and hydration... I'm with you, I generally will use a gel every 6 miles or so and will follow with a few ounces of water. My plan this Sunday is to utilize 4 gels. I'd rather be safe than sorry and bonking at mile 20-something. On my 21 miler I used 3 and it worked quite well.

    Keep up the great runs! You're doing aweseome girl and, I have no doubt you will be running to a 25K PR next month. WOOT!

  4. Well it's definitely reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who NEEDS gels more often than what the experts claim we should. YMMV, I guess.

    I am so excited for you...your big race is now SO close!