Can't deny it any longer...

I believe that I am no longer merely an "exercise-induced" asthmatic.  I think I am a true asthmatic...or at the very least EIA and allergy-induced.  For about the past month my breathing has been a struggle...I thought it was just from that cold I had a month ago.  But it's been a good 3 weeks since the virus was out of my system and I still feel like my lungs are heavy and constricted...and the coughing.  The nasal steroid spray and Allegra oral meds have done a lot to control my nasal allergies, but I'm still having to hit the albuterol at least once/day...every day.  Not just pre-run for the EIA.

I'm kicking myself for not having made an appt. with my PCP back when I had that cold and was struggling with my lung function.  Had I done so my race this past weekend would likely have had a very different outcome...I almost certainly would have gone sub 2:30 and had a fantastic race experience, instead of gutting it out and hitting the inhaler 3x in 2:36.

So tomorrow AM I am in to see my doc.  My online MD buddy has strongly recommended that I ask about Prednisone to combat this current attack (which is definitely the worst breathing issues I have ever encountered...or at the least the longest duration of lung struggles) and to start an inhaled steroid for the long-term.  My mom has had to go on a steroid regimen for her own asthma treatment and has had success with this, so I am very hopeful.

I'm really crossing my fingers that getting this stuff under control will make for a breakthrough of sorts in my running.  My mileage has increased in recent months to peak distances and my body feels strong--but I've not seen the increase in speed that I had hoped for.  I'm sure part of this is due to an inability to do much in the way of speed work.  I can run slow for hours, but trying to go fast with the lung funk has not been possible.  I really look forward to being able to train to the best of my ability and not have my breathing be the limiting factor.  At least I am finally tackling this beast a few weeks before marathon training starts up.  I want to be strong and at my best for those 18 weeks.


  1. I hope they can get your asthma under control Zoomy to help out your running. Your overall health first though. Always something, isn't it? Sigh.

  2. Man, it really does seem like it is "always something," doesn't it? I wonder if my body feeling so strong has anything to do with my lungs preventing me from overdoing it...maybe it's a blessing in disguise? It really stinks when parts of our body don't want to cooperate and let us continue doing what is GOOD for us...like lungs and legs... ;)