Gah, it's ALWAYS something!

Today's run both sucked and blew. My right knee is still cranky and I could almost swear that my left one is complaining, too, but I don't think it really is, I'm just a mental case.

But worse than my right knee issues was the fact that BOTH lower legs were tight and sore. I'm not sure why, but for the past couple of days my calves both feel like they did when I first started running. I ran through some mild cramping for the first mile or two of my run on Monday and ever since they feel almost bruised. Add to that some mild shin splints today...WTF...HTFU, legs! Longest 6 mile run ever.

So now I am really regretting registering for that 5k next weekend. I don't like 5ks, but everyone has been encouraging me to set a new PR. Right now I'm wondering if I should bail altogether. This would be my second DNS/DNF for the year. I'd not have any doubts about running the race...except my marathon training officially kicks-off the following day. So the smart part of me is saying "whoa...danger, Will Robinson." But the dumb part of me will almost certainly win. :p

I'm being a good girl and doing my daily quad-strengthening exercises to help my knee, but my knee is still not getting better (not really getting worse, either, I guess). I think after tomorrow's run if it's still not feeling better I will take the holiday weekend completely off from running. 3 days of rest should help...not my waistline (especially with a holiday weekend of cookout and beer), but my knee is more important than weight loss at this point (I'm not really losing, anyhow...just not gaining).


  1. Man, k! I hope the knee issues go away. The resting over the holiday weekend sounds like a good plan and see how it feels after that. I don't think the race will harm you though. And, if you aren't feeling up to snuff, you don't have to RACE it. You'll know best what to do though based on how you're feeling. Have a good weekend! We're off to northeast Indy to camp at Pokagon. I'm guessin' we'll spend about $150 in gas alone getting a whoppin' 8 miles/gallon pulling a 29' travel trailer. Hopefully we'll have tail winds! Gah!

  2. Hey you! Are you going to take a break long enough for you and the boys to make it over to our place on Monday?! We hope you'll be there...it wouldn't be the same without you!!

  3. Ugh, that's gettin' to be a $$ vacation with the gas! I used to think it would be so cool to rent a big motor home and do a road-trip without having to deal with suitcases and hotel rooms, but maybe that won't be practical ever again...

    Have a fantastic weekend, Rick!

  4. We'll be there, Kathy...I forgot to RSVP...:p