Holiday Weekend = Running Holiday

3 day weekend...gorgeous weather...perfect opportunity to do some long, blissful runs--right? Wrong. I did have a really nice 8 miler yesterday, but my knee seems to be getting no better while I attempt to keep my mileage up. So I'm making myself take a few days off from running (I had planned to take Monday off for a BBQ with friends, anyhow). In the meantime I will be hitting the quad work hard and getting yard-work and housework done. I want my knee to be in good shape in a week for my first 5k since Fall of '06. But even more than that I want to be able to start marathon training on 6/1 with no injury issues.

Last night I went with a friend to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I wish I would have saved my money. It wasn't terrible and was actually pretty decent until almost the end. Let's just say if I wanted to see a sci-fi flick I would have gone to a film that is billed as sci-fi. I loves me some X-Files, but IJ movies are supposed to be adventure with a little supernatural thrown in. Not beat-us-over-the-heads with Science Fiction. I'm going to pretend that the series ended after the 3rd film.

I must admit that I did like the casting (though I think Shia LaBoeuf needs to work on his angst...I'm not sure he can really do angst, personally. He still comes off as cute and awkward more than tortured). Harrison Ford is still amazing in the role and Marion and Indy still have such great chemistry. Nice to see Jim Broadbent, too, though his character was a very small part.

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