It's my own damned fault, really.

Just as I suspected... My weight history since our Spring weight loss challenge started:

-5% = 7#s
Goal: 136

3/20 - 143
3/24 - 146.5
3/31 - 143
4/7 - 145
4/14 - 142.5
4/21 - 143
4/28 - 142
5/5 - 144.5

I only have myself and my big mouth to blame. *sigh* Over the past 2-3 years I have been very good at maintaining my weight, but not so good at getting the weight loss going again. My original reason for starting running was to lose my last 15-20#s, yet I have actually gained probably 5 (and, no, it's not just muscle, as I have had to move to bigger pants to fit my gut since then). So here I sit at 1.5#s over my starting weight for the challenge...and I am the group owner--sheesh, some example I set for my friends and fellow "losers".

This week I have GOT to be in control. Now I have at least 2 extra pounds to lug for my 25k race and I'm not going to be running very many miles before then to burn them off. I have to remind myself how much slower I just made myself. That's at least a few seconds on the clock and a few people that I probably won't pass. I've shot myself and my training in the proverbial foot over my dumb appetite.


  1. Every day is a new day, k, with its own opportunities. If it is weight loss to your final goal you are seeking... than do it. You have the resolve. I know you do. You're one feisty Zoomylicious woman! Now, finish what you started. ;-)

  2. *sigh* I know. It's just hard when I am such lover of all things food and drink and a hater of running when not well-fueled. Double-edged sword, for certain.

    I tell ya', that first 40 #s was FAR easier to be rid of than this last 20 is--especially the second time around. :p

  3. I agree with Rick- everyday is a new day and new opportnities.
    You have been training well and sticking to your plan so I know you have the "sticktoitedness" that you need.

    My weight fluctuations are similar to yours (just a lot more of it to carry around). So.... are you in to let's make a deal? I will start watching my food and drink if you will! Deal?

  4. I'm in as well. I've not been very conscientious in my diet for about three weeks now. (Understatetment ALERT!)