Ha, I totally agree. I tried a pair of Crocs once and they lasted on my feet for all of 10 minutes. It wasn't so much how dumb they look (I tried them to help with some tendonitis issues I had in my foot a year ago), but the almost instantaneous slimy sweaty feel. Ick.  I'd much rather wear something like knock-off Birkenstocks if I need cheap, supportive shoes.  Actually, I think it was not long after I returned the Crocs that I purchased my beloved Keen sandals.  I adore those shoes...and they don't look or feel nearly so dorky.

In other cat news, our second-youngest and largest male, Thor, has been having "spraying" issues in the past week.  Not merely inappropriate peeing around the house, but actually shaking his tail and nailing vertical stuff.  There are probably several factors at play...outdoor strays hanging around our yard, peeing on our front stoop, and taunting through the windows, thus forcing Thor to feel the need to mark his territory (our old Gus had this issue late in his life, too), the recent move of all litterboxes downstairs (though they were all down there pre-Chase...we only moved one upstairs so that the cats would have access to one when we used to lock Chase--aka Mr. crazy-at-2am-kitten--in the basement for the night), and Chase's recent obnoxious behavior.

Chase is about 1 and while he is fairly diminutive for an adult male (not really any larger than our Female, Lola, but outweighs her), he suffers from a bad Napoleon Complex and typical young male cat insanity. Lately he is back to being wild early in the AM and especially prone to harass the older cats...I'm sure in his mind it's play, but they see it as taunting and don't always feel up to racing around the house at top speed--especially when they'd rather be lazy on the bed with their human peeps before the sun has made its daily appearance.

Thor isn't the only one with recent urinary/marking issues. A few weeks back I caught Erik/Ikky up in Dane's room in a corner doing #1. Ikky and Thor have both always been very good about using the litter boxes appropriately in the past. And Lola was just at the vet a couple of weeks ago for straining and passing only very little urine with some blood and mucous. The vet did an exam and looked at a urine sample under the microscope and could see nothing really all that wrong. She prescribed a week of antibiotics, but Lola is having issues again (so she's going to be switched to canned food...spoiled princess. She's already been on IAMS since the day she was on solid food and gets her meds 2x/day for her overactive thyroid). At the time the vet thought her problems could be stress-related.

So it appears that all of our cats (except Chase...hmmm...) are having some related problems with appropriate urination. In an effort to help the situation Derek picked up this Giant litter pan at PetSmart.

This thing is HUGE. I mean, seriously. It would have been a great bathtub for Dane when he was 1 or 2. Description is as follows:
Great household litter pan for larger, or multiple cats. This extra-large capacity litter pan measures 34.625" x 19.75" x 10". The tub itself measures 26" L x 17" W x 9" Deep. Compartments measure 4.5" L x 8" W x 8" Deep. Features a deep wall design to reduce litter scatter. Holds 30+ lbs. of litter.

Impressive. It's like 2-3 standard litter boxes. I hope our cats are as impressed as I am. I think that's bigger than the interior of the trunk of my last car ('97 Ford Escort). Seriously. We're gonna use one of those big buckets of cat litter to fill it. I hope our cats realize how lucky they are. A less humane pet "owner" would probably toss them all outside to fend for themselves, but they are family members. We can't toss our kid outside when he misbehaves...at least not permanently (as tempting as it may be...a LOT of the time).

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