Mother's Day Report

The highlight--my kickass little gift from the guys.  I have been wanting a new point-n-shoot for years...pretty much ever since DH purchased a POS Canon digicam for me for Mother's Day back when DS was 2 or 3 (not knocking Canon AT ALL--my 2 beloved DSLRs are Canon and are fantastic, but we have not had luck with the little ones.  We had extended warranty on that first camera and after 3 failed repair attempts ended up with a comparable Canon point-n-shoot with many of the same issues.  I think we simply ended up with lemons, since I knew several other people with those cameras who had beautiful results with theirs).  Hopefully this little Nikon serves us well.  So far it seems to work very well...fast focus, fast recording to the memory card, good color and crisp images (things the little Canon A-series cameras we had stunk at).

We did our usual Mother's Day brunch at the Double JJ Ranch resort near us.  Good eats, but we noticed a lot fewer people than in previous years and less variety of food.  My guess is that gas prices have made people from the Muskegon area stick closer to home, instead of driving a half-hour North for a meal.  Since we live only 15 minutes from the place it wasn't a huge stretch for us to make the drive.

After brunch/lunch we came home and vegged-out.  Felt good after the previous day's race.  I'm not too sore today and hope to go do ~5 miles.  This week I'd like to log 30 miles or so--a nice reduction from the 40 I did the week before last.  Just 3 more weeks until marathon training officially kicks-off.

I'm also waiting on a call from my PCP's office.  After my asthma issues during Saturday's 25k race I am realizing that my current drug regimen is not controlling things as well as I'd like and I've needed to use my Albuterol inhaler a lot more than I should be.  My primary drug for the past year has been Singulair, which doesn't work for a lot of folks.  I'm guessing an inhaled steroid will be my next plan of attack.  I don't want to run any more races where my legs are rarin' to go and my lungs are holding me back.  I don't want to train like a fool and then not be able to reap the rewards of said training come race day.

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  1. Sweet gift, k! I hope you enjoy it and it works well for you. Happy belated Mother's Day.