My favorite rite of Spring!

(and best way to fend off the taper crazies)

Today was the perfect day to hit the local garden center, so that's just what I did. We have several azaleas that I planted about 3 years ago. They seem to shrink every year and only a couple still flower, so I think the spot I have them in is just too shady. We have one of those yards that is either shaded by big old trees or by the house, so a lot of plants don't do well--even things that are fairly shade tolerant, like azaleas and hydrangeas. If they do grow they never increase in size and tend to quit flowering. There is at least one surviving hydrangea from 2 years ago that needs more sun, as well.

So today I picked up 5 bleeding hearts to replace the azaleas (which will be going to a more open, sunny area where I planted some hydrangeas last Summer that seem to be coming back better). I will also be moving the one surviving hydrangea (there is another that might still be alive, but I see no signs, yet...and here it is a week into May.

In addition to the bleeding hearts (I got 3 varieties that I know do well in our yard) I also found some pretty ground cover that should spread and do well in our shade. Hopefully we'll have some great curb appeal for this old house when the housing market improves and we finish all the projects big & small that we need to do before selling.

I'll be planting either tomorrow or Thurs., depending upon weather. I also picked up some of the rancid roadkill-smelling spray that keeps the deer at bay. Unfortunately we waited too long to apply it this year, so our hostas already have Bart Simpson crew cuts. :p


  1. Kirsten,

    I happened on your blog from Rick's blog. I love the name. And then figured out you're in WM. I grew up in GR

    I wanted to wish you luck this Saturday! I hope the weather is just right and you are feeling great!

    Take care.


  2. Hey, small world! And I see you are going to run the GR Marathon this Fall--awesome! I had wanted that to be my first (I ran the half the last two years), but it's a weekend earlier this year and DH won't be in town, so instead I am doing Milwaukee on 5/10--my family is all in WI and Chi-town, so that won't be all bad. They probably couldn't come watch if I ran GR.

    Good luck and I hope the weather is as lovely as it was the last two years. :)