Nippin' things in the bud

Over the past few weeks I have felt the slightest twinges of "runner's knee" coming on. So it's time to start hitting the quad-strengthening exercises hard--I have some corrective/preventative exercises that I can do a few times/day, so I need to make a point of actually DOING them regularly. I suspect my hams and calves are a bit stronger (relatively speaking) than the fronts of my legs (common in runners), so my patella is being yanked off-course and out of it's proper track. I've had some slight pains and snap, crackle and popping action from my right knee. Running on cambered roads a bit may also be a factor, though the bulk of my mileage is on roads that are flat--well, with the exception of MI potholes. Time to start doing more of my miles on the flat bike trail, I think. Now is not the time to be injured...not with official marathon training starting in 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I am hoping to run 11 miles--my longest run since my 25k last weekend. It should feel like a cakewalk...assuming my knee is cooperative. I feel pretty confident right now. I'll see how the first 3-4 miles feel and turn back early if need be. The weather looks like it will be gorgeous--high 50s, so I really hope I can take full advantage. Won't be long before it's miserably hot and I have to plan all my runs to finish before noon. I don't do well running once it gets much above 75. Heck, even 70 feels pretty hot while running at high effort and/or for long distances. Add humidity and asthma to the mix and it can be a real bear running in the Summer. Aside from the footing I'd rather run in the Winter, much of the time. I don't like heatstroke so much.

Still waiting for my asthma meds to take full effect. Generally it takes 1-2 weeks for the steroid drug (exact same drug as my Flonase nasal med for my allergies, incidentally) to really start working, so hopefully in the next few days I might start noticing markedly improved lung function. I can only hope. The bronchodilator does really help, though, so I have had some good relief since I started taking Advair. I'm sure things will improve once the trees are doing blooming and pollenating, too. Even with 3 allergy meds I still had to take a Benadryl in the early morning hours. Sheesh.


  1. Hate to hear about the knee Kirsten! Hopefully you can get that cleared up before getting too deep in to your marathon training.
    Now young lady- get off the computer and go do your exercises if you haven't already done them this morning. :)

  2. Ha, I have been doing them, as a matter of fact. :D