Race Report: Run for Wings 5k

About a month ago I discovered a relatively new 5k race in my area that benefits a good cause (the event raises funds for an organization that flies patients of limited income to medical facilities outside the area). I saw that the first 100 registrants would receive tech Ts, so that was added incentive (I was #62).

It has been over 1.5 years since my last 5k. I don't like 5ks. I generally do better at longer races and hate feeling like the race is over before I've even found my stride. But I knew a PR would be relatively easy, as my HM PR pace was actually faster than my 5k. So I was semi looking forward to the race...until the last couple of days.

This Spring has been rough on me. My 25k earlier in the month was essentially a 2.5+ hour long asthma attack and I missed my goal in that race by over 6 minutes. During the week after that miserable race I saw my PCP who has put me on Advair, which seemed to be working well--until the last couple of days, when I was back to constant coughing, waking in the night hacking, and feeling like my lungs are in a vise (my allergies have also been extra bad, too, even while on 3 separate meds for that, so I'm sure that explains why the Advair isn't working as well. Damned trees can stop dropping all that yellow gunk ANY day now).  And that dumb knee issue of the last couple of weeks, but at least that has been healing really well during this past week with decreased mileage and extra quad-strengthening work, so the lungs were my primary stress going into this race.

Shortly before leaving for the race this AM I could hear distant thunder. By the time I walked out the door it was raining and it poured the 30 minutes it took me to drive to the race location. About the same time I parked the sun came out...and then disappeared 30 minutes later. By the start of the race the sky had gone very dark and the humidity through the roof. NOT a comfortable situation while having lung struggles. The Motion Based race time data as taken from the same airport where the race was run:

Weather Data: Average - Low - High
Temperature (°F): 55.9 - 55.4 - 57.2
Relative Humidity (%): 97.3 - 93.7 - 100.0
Wind Speed (mph): 7.4 - 5.8 - 9.2

I got 10/31 in my AG (124/278 overall) with a time of 27:45 (just one second off from my Garmin and 11 seconds short of a full 2 minute PR). I think that's the best relative placement I've ever had in a race. Without shit-fer-lungs I probably could have jumped a couple of spots, too (I'm guessing the crap lungs + humidity cost me at least 15 seconds/mile...maybe as much as 30--my legs definitely felt AWESOME and fresh from all of my recent rest). Makes me really want to find another 5k before the year is out...when my asthma issues are under better control. Hmm....

The tech T is nice, too...though REALLY long. I can pull it down and it covers my butt entirely (yeah...really REALLY long). At least I can wear it without fear of my belly hanging out with my low-rise running skirts. *wink* The graphic on the T is neat--looks like the basic MI license plate--life-size, even.

Tomorrow marathon training officially kicks-off. Gah, what in the hell am I getting myself into?!


  1. omg, that's so funny- I was totally planning on running this one too! I've had the entry form pinned to the board in the kitchen, but then my transfer went thru at work, and there was no way i'd be able to get the day off in time. Man, now i'm bummed- i could have done this one with you (though i'd have been waaaaaaay in the back following your dust!)...

    Sorry to hear about your knee...i wonder if it's something in the water- in the last week or two, mine has suddenly decided to act up as well. Sux. Hopefully your knee gets stronger and the allergies calm down soon for you.... (((hugs)))

    btw, that storm sounded like it was something else this morning! i'm surprised we didn't lose power or have the lights flicker at least. Sure sounded like someone was jumping on the roof at the store! lol

  2. Well, rats--that's too bad that you couldn't do it...it was a really nice race. Definitely keep it in mind for next year. Very family/kid-friendly environment.


    Hey, are you at the Muskegon store, now?

  3. Tomorrow marathon training officially kicks-off. Gah, what in the hell am I getting myself into?!

    Nice race, K! You will do awesome in your training, I have faith.


  4. Congratulations on the 5k PR, k! That's awesome!

    I hope the allegies/asthma straightens out soon for you. I'm down in Columbus right now (that's where that douche pic I posted came from - rofl) and I almost took a pic for you of some front yards I came across last week where there was so much fallen cottonwood on them that it looked like snow!

    So the excitement begins... good luck in your marathon preparation! You're gonna do just fine. ;)

  5. First- Congrats on a nice 5K Kirsten!! With the issues you have had it is nice to go out and have a good race.

    Second- Welcome to Marathon training. I am looking foraward to following your progress.

  6. Great PR! I would be so stoked with a 27-something 5K! That has to really suck to have asthma problems the whole time.

    I had asthma as a kid - all through high school and part way through college. Funny thing - it completely went away when I got pregnant with my first kiddo. Hope yours gets manageable soon!!

  7. Monnik, did you have childhood allergies, too? I developed seasonal allergies that were bothersome mainly in the Spring...as I have gotten older they have become a year-round issue and gradually have become more severe. In the last couple of years the Asthma has kicked-in to go with the allergies. I wish both things would eventually go away, but I don't hold out much hope. My mom has severe allergies and asthma that have worsened with age and is now on shots for the allergies (I'm guessing I have the same allergies, too...dust mites, mold, cats--and here I live in a dusty old house with 4 kitties. D'oh!).

  8. I did have allergies as a kid - in fact, my mom is convinced that the allergy shots are what caused my asthma, since i got asthma a few months after starting the shots, and stopped taking the shots when I got pregnant.

    I still have the allergies, though, those didn't go away. I'm like you, though. Allergic to pollen, cats, dogs, dust, etc. And I have two cats and a dog and a really dusty house. :P

  9. Ha, I love when these allergy medications come with the recommendation to "avoid" the things that cause the allergies. Right. Like I'm gonna get rid of my furbabies and the only way to avoid dust in my house is if I hire someone to come clean it for me, 'cause I sure as heck can't stand that. I think I'd rather deal with allergies than clean house.