Recipe for a bad weigh-in

1 monster burrito
.5 bottle of dry German riesling
more servings of baklava (aka pastry "crack") than one person should be allowed
Combine all of the above ingredients and ingest over the course of a single weekend. Eye scale with dread. Vow to eat like a pauper all week, especially since mileage will be greatly decreased in preparation for Saturday's 25k.

Ugh, tomorrow's weigh-in is gonna really stink! I have got to rein it in before marathon training. I would really like to only be 10#s over goal when I run that race, so I've got about 10#s to lose. I know from experience how difficult it is to train hard and well while on a calorie deficit. It's about timing...as long as I fuel well for my longest runs I can usually do OK, but it takes a ton of planning and self-control--things I have not done well with in recent years. I just have to keep in mind how much faster I will be with those pounds off, how much kinder it will be for my joints, and how much hotter I will look in those race pics! ;) I'd like to be able to buy my special marathon outfit in a smaller size, too--that would be a great reward for that effort.


  1. It is the most evil curse of the marathon! Weight gain while doing long runs - happens to everyone - I swear - regardless of what you eat. I find the only way to counteract it is to do more strength training and add a bit of intervals/speed to keep my muscles guessing.


  2. Thanks for the support, Amy (BTW, I really love RL--great blog). It is a terrible catch-22, isn't it?

    I'm definitely going to be adding strength training back into my routine this Summer and Fall. The first thing that goes when I start to get tired is my posture, so keeping my core strong will help with that. And my knees always appreciate it when my quads are strong, too. :)