Running "Wardrobe Malfunction"

I encountered this same issue about a year ago with a New Balance Bonita running skirt of mine. Luckily (not for her) a friend of mine had had a rather embarrassing experience with a hydration waist pack where the back of the skirt sort of wrapped itself around the pack in the back, so after reading her tale of woe I became very paranoid when running with any skirt while wearing a similar pack. On my first run with my NB skirt I discovered that it was "incompatible" with my Camelbak belt and reserved that particular piece of clothing for shorter runs with no fluids or a hand-held bottle. Since both of us had had issues with skirts that had side slits and not with slit-free models we both chalked it up to that particular design feature. As a result I have avoided buying any skirts with slits.

Today I had a little wardrobe malfunction with my newest running skirt (good thing to ALWAYS do a "test run" of race day clothes BEFORE race day. Let's just say that the back of the skirt wanted to climb up under my Amphipod belt) and had to return home to put on a skirt I know won't bare my, ahem, assets. This was while wearing a SkirtSports.com "TRIKS" skirt, which is fairly similar in design to my favorite RunningSkirts.com skirt--neither has side slits, though the RunningSkirts.com skirt definitely fits me better, especially in the back. I'm now thinking that the height of a skirt in the back plays a role in its inherent embarrassment potential. The TRIKS skirts are also more straight, whereas the two skirts that have worked best (my other being an older NB model I bought 2 years ago) with belt packs are both more a-lined.

So for my race in a week I will be wearing the same skirt I wore last year. I kind of wanted to wear something new, but I'll save having a really fun new running outfit for my big marathon goal race in Oct.

Today I also achieved my highest mileage week, yet. Miserable day to do it, though...first I had the skirt issue and realized the problem after less than a minute of running, so had to head back to change. Then it started to rain as I set out and the wind picked up...then the temp dropped 10º (the roads even started to steam). 40º windchills aren't particularly conducive to wearing Summer-weight running attire, so I was pretty miserably cold and wet for about an hour (this is after running in pouring rain and dodging lightning bolts for the last 2 miles of yesterday's workout).

But now I get to enjoy an easy week before my race and then 3 subsequent lower-mileage weeks before the marathon training starts. Phew, just in time. This is the first week in a long time that I am starting to feel more physical discomforts (aside from the residual cold/allergy gunk that I've been battling for the past 3 weeks).

Last night was a special treat. One of the gals from Running Ahead who lives in NC was in the area for work. Since she had a free evening last night I was able to join her and another local running friend for a few hours of food and LOTS of talk. My throat already was sore (I think from running in weird weather and all the coughing I'm still doing, as I am feeling it again tonite) and by the time I rolled in the driveway at midnight swallowing was becoming a real challenge. I took a couple of Advil and that took care of things and allowed me to sleep well (just not enough, as I was back up pretty early...dumb internal clock).

We had dinner at one of our favorite TexMex joints in Grand Rapids, the Beltline Bar. In the 13+ years I've eaten there this is the first time I've had bad service. Our waiter was either new and overwhelmed, or a complete moron. But we weren't in a hurry, so it wasn't a big deal.

I'm really looking forward to our trip in Aug. down to Asheville, NC (DH is planning to do some volunteer work for our local JDRF chapter's bike ride. In Oct. he will be doing the Death Valley ride). "Cheffy" and her hubby are planning to try to meet up with us when we're down there--woot! :)

Ok, off to split a bottle of wine with DH. I really don't need the calories (especially after last night's burrito the size of my head), but it's been a long week.


  1. burrito the size of my head

    But those are the best kind!

    I found your blog on the Running Blog Family listings & have been enjoying it!

  2. Hi, Sarah--it's great to meet you...and I see you are a fellow Michigander, cat lover, wine drinker, AND registered for your own very first Marathon this Oct. (I stalked your blog, heh). Excellent! I added your blog to my reading list. It will be fantastic to follow along with someone else's training.

    Do you have a specific plan you are going to follow? I kind of cobbled together an 18 week plan that takes the highlights of about a half-dozen different plans. Training starts June 1. I wanted to do Grand Rapids (I think that's the same day as Detroit), but hubby won't be around that weekend, so I'm instead doing Milwaukee the first weekend of Oct., since my family can come cheer (I'm originally a Cheesehead).

    Best of luck in your training. :)


  3. High mileage week and got to meet/have dinner with two RA'ers! Very good week for you.
    I was already thinking I wanted some mexican food tonight with it being Cinco de Mayo and then you go and mention Tex-Mex.... man, my mouth is watering.

  4. I say since it's 5/5 that you do it, anyhow, Alan! :D Now I'm thinking maybe I should have DH pick up taco ingredients at the store for supper...or maybe we could make taco pizzas with all of the expired tortillas he bought cheap, recently.